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Dawson Turner
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  ancient names of,
  history of,
  church of St. Jacques,
Littleton, Lord, his opinion of the Bayeux tapestry, Louviers, treaty of,
  house of knights templars,


Magneville, font at, Malherbe, native of Caen, Mallet, Anthony, his statement of Hennuyer’s saving the Calvinists, Marechal de Belle Isle, his monument, Margaret of Burgundy, immured in Chateau Gaillard, Marigny, Enguerrand de, buried at Ecouis,
  his mausoleum destroyed at the revolution,
Marriage ceremony, in France, Matilda, wife of the Conqueror, supposed portrait of,
  her seal
  buried in the church of the Trinity,
  her tomb destroyed by the Huguenots,
  her remains lately found and new tomb raised,
Maud, Empress, her expostulations with her father as to the place of her burial, Mazarine, Cardinal, abbot of St. Stephen’s, Melons, cultivated on a large scale, near Lisieux, Misereres, sculptured, in Bayeux cathedral, Misletoe, commonly hung over inn-doors, near Caen, Money, struck by the chapter of Bayeux, how marked, Montfaucon, his engravings of the portraits of the Conqueror and his family, Montfort, castle of, Moulineaux, church of, Mount Phaunus, temple of, near Bayeux, Museum, at Caen, Musicians, sculptured at St. Georges de Bocherville,


Napoleon, establishment formed by him at the pass of Coupe Gorge,
  his attempt to make a naval station at Caen,
Navarre, kings of, lords of Evreux, Navarre, Chateau de, Naeomagus Viducassium, probably the modern Bayeux, Neomagus Lexoviorum, site of, lately discovered, Neufmarche, castle of, Normandy, divided anew, under Philip Augustus, Notre Dame de la Delivrande, chapel of,


Odo, bishop of Bayeux, rebuilds the cathedral,
  his life and character.
Ordericus Vitalis, his account of the destruction of Evreux,
  his account of St. Taurinus,
  sketch of his life,
  his ecclesiastical history,
  his reflections on the death of the Conqueror
Ornaments on the spandrils of the arches in Bayeux cathedral.
Oxen, breed of, near Caen.


Paintings, fresco, in Bayeux cathedral. Passports, regulations respecting, in France. Patye, John, Canon of Cambremer, legend concerning, at Bayeux. Pays de Bray. Pistae, the site of, occupied by Pont de l’Arche. Pont Audemer, its situation,
Pont de l’Arche, seat of a palace under Charles the Bald,
  origin of the name,
Portraits, of the Conqueror and family. Poussin, born at Andelys,
  if his example has been favorable to French art.
Preaux, abbey of. Priory, des deux Amans.

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