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Dawson Turner
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Glass painted, at the abbey of Bonport,
  in the church of Pont de l’Arche,
Gournay, origin of,
  present appearance,
  siege described by Brito,
  arms of,
  place where Prince Arthur was knighted,
  remarkable sculpture on the capitals,
Gournay, Hugo de,
Guibray, fair of,
Gurney, Hudson, his paper on the Bayeux tapestry,


Harcourt, castle of,
Hellouin, founder of the abbey of Bec,
  his epitaph,
Hennuyer, John, bishop of Lisieux, said to have saved the Huguenots,
Henry Ist, kept prisoner by Robert at Bayeux,
  destroyed the city,
History, ecclesiastical, of Ordericus Vitalis,
  materials for a new edition of,
  original manuscript,
  manuscript copies,
Holy Trinity, church of, at Falaise,
Honfleur, situation of,
Horses, Norman, present price of,
Hospital at Caen, founded in the thirteenth century,
Hoveden, his account of the interview between Henry IInd,
  and Philip Augustus, near Gisors,
Hubert, archbishop of Canterbury, a monk of Bec,
Hubert, M., discovered the site of the Neomagus Lexoviorum,
Huet, his Origines de Caen,
  one of the founders of the academy at Caen,
Huguenots, destroy the tomb and violate the remains of the Conqueror,
Hume, David, his opinion on the Bayeux tapestry,
Hypocaust, Roman, found at Vieux,


Inscription, on the font at Magneville,
John, King, murders the French garrison of Evreux,
Isatis tinctoria, cultivated in France under Napoleon,
Jumieges, abbey of, its foundation,
  original building,
  Salle des Chevaliers,
  church of St. Peter,
Ivory chest, in Bayeux cathedral,


Knights, Templars, house of, at Louviers,


Lamouroux, M. professor of natural history at Caen,
  his publications,
Lanfranc, settled at Bec,
  first schoolmaster in Normandy,
  first abbot of St. Stephen’s,
Langevin, M., author of the history of Falaise, Langlois, M., his portrait,
  his work on Norman Antiquities,
Le Beuf, Abbe, his opinion of Vieux, Le Brasseur, his account of the statues of four canons at Evreux, Leproserie de Beauileu, Letter, original, from Princess Borghese, Library, public, at Caen, Lisieux, situation and trade of,
  its see suppressed in 1801,
  tomb in cathedral,
  town probably founded in the sixth century,

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