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Dawson Turner
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Coins, golden, struck at Bayeux, under the first French kings
Colline des deux amans, priory of
Cormeilles, abbey of
Corneille, buried at Andelys
Costume, at Bernay
  at Caen
Coupe gorge, colony established at, by Napoleon
Creully, castle
Crocodile fossil, found near Caen


Dalechamps, native of Caen D’Amboise, Cardinal, built the palace at Gaillon Darnetal De Boissy, bishop of Bayeux, his epitaph. De la Rue, Abbe,
  professor of history at Caen,
  is preparing an account of Caen,
  his paper on the Bayeux tapestry.
Douce, Mr., his illustration of the sculpture at
  St. Georges de Bocherville.
Douvre. Druids, academy of, at Bayeux. Dubois Louis,
  his discoveries among the ruins of Old Lisieux,
  preserved the original M.S. of Ordericus Vitalis,
  is preparing the history of Lisieux.
Ducarel, his description of a pavement in the palace at Caen. Ducler,
  parish church.
Du Perron, cardinal, bishop of Evreux. Du Plessis,
  his opinion as to Turold on the Bayeux tapestry,
  description of the abbey church of Bec.


Ecouis, church of,
  burial-place of John and Enguerrand de Marigny,
  singular epitaph.
  enigmatical at Ecouis,
  of John de Boissy,
  on the exterior of Bayeux cathedral.
  destroyed by Henry Ist,
  abbey of St. Taurinus,
  present appearance.
Evreux, Old, a Roman station.


  situation of,
  etymology of the name,
  Talbot’s tower,
  chapel in castle,
  firmly attached to the League,
  inhabitants true Normans,
  population and trade,
Fastolf, Sir John, governor of Caen.
Flambart, Ralph, bishop of Durham, seizes Lisieux.
Fleury, Cardinal, abbot at Caen.
Fonts, seldom seen in French churches.
Font, curiously sculptured, at Magneville.
Font, leaden, at Bourg-Achard.


Gaillon, vineyards near,
  present state of,
  ceded to the archbishop of Rouen,
  made by the treaty of Louviers the frontier town of the Duchy,
Gisors, castle, appearance of,
  place of interview between Henry IInd, and Philip Augustus,
  arms of the town,
  castle, described,
  church of,
  banded column in the church,

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