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Dawson Turner
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Archbishops of Rouen, their palace at Gaillon.
Arches, trefoil-headed, early specimen of, at Jumieges.
Ardennes, abbey of, near Caen.
Arlette, mother of the Conqueror, native of Falaise.
Arnulf, bishop of Lisieux.
Arthur, Prince, knighted at Gournay.
Asselin, forbids the interment of the Conqueror.
Audinus, bishop of Evreux, authorizes Henry Ist to burn the city.
Augustodurum, probably the site of, at Vieux.


Bailiffs, first established in Normandy under Philip Augustus,
Baiocco of Naples, named after Bayeux,
Bas-relief, in the church of St. Georges de Bocherville,
Baudius, professor of law for a short time at Caen,
Bayeux, seat of an academy of Druids,
  Roman relics found near, but no Druidic,
  a Roman station,
  probably the Naeomagus Viducassium,
  its ancient name,
  its importance under the early French kings,
  its history,
  the place where the Norman princes were educated,
  situation, population, and trade,
Bayeux, Roman, probably destroyed by the Saxons,
Bec, abbey of, its present state,
  former income and patronage,
  church described by Du Plessis,
  founded by Hellouin,
  seminary for eminent men,
Belenus, worshipped near Bayeux,
Berengarius, his tenets impugned by Lanfranc,
  condemned by the council of Brionne,
Bernay, abbey of,
  population and trade,
  costume of the females,
Bernieres, church of,
Blanche, wife of Charles the Bel, confined in Chateau Gaillard,
Bochart, one of the founders of the academy at Caen,
Boileau, his eulogium on Malherbe,
Bonport, abbey of,
Borghese, Princess of, original letter by,
Bouillon, Duke of, Lord of Evreux, at the revolution,
Bourg-Achard, seat of an abbey, dedicated to St. Eustatius,
  leaden font,
Bourgueville, his antiquities of Caen,
  present at the exhumation of the Conqueror’s remains,
Boy, bishop, annually elected at Caen,
Bretteville l’Orgueilleuse, church of,
Brionne, situation of,
  seat of the council which condemned the tenets of Berengarius,
Brito, his account
  of the siege of Gournay,
  of Chateau Gaillard,
  of the murder of the French garrison of Evreux,
  of Caen.
Broglie, church of.
Bruce, David, a resident in Chateau Gaillard.
  much cultivated in Lower Normandy,
  etymology of its French name.


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