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Dawson Turner
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  privileges of,
St. Patrice, church of, at Rouen,
St. Paul, church of, at Rouen
St. Pierre, Bernardin de, native of Havre,
St. Remi, church of, at Dieppe,
  inscription on its benitier
St. Romain, archbishop of Rouen, dragon destroyed by,
  his shrine in the cathedral,
St. Romain, privilege of,
  abuse committed under its plea,
St. Vallery,
Satyrium hircinum, plentiful near Rouen,
Scuderi, George and Magdalen, natives of Havre,
Sculpture, on the capitals of the church at Montivilliers,
  in the church of St. Paul,
  over the entrances to Rouen cathedral,
  head of Christ, in fine character, in the church of St. Ouen,
  on a house at Rouen,
Senegal, first colonized from Dieppe,
Societe d’Emulation, at Rouen,
Stachys germanica, abundant, near Graville,
Stair-case of filagree stone-work, in the cathedral at Rouen,
  in the church of St. Maclou,


Talbot, fortress called the Bastille, built by, at Dieppe,
Theatre, at Rouen,
Tour de Beurre, in Rouen cathedral, built with money raised from the
  sale of indulgences,
Tour de la Grosse Horloge, at Rouen,


Upper Normandy, limits of,
Ursulines, convent of, at Rouen,


Van Eyck, painting by, in the museum at Rouen, Vertot, Abbe de, denies the existence of the kingdom of Yvetot, Viola Rothomagensis, abundant on the hill of St. Adrien,


Walter, archbishop of Rouen, offended with Richard Coeur-de-Lion,
  proverbial for his cunning,
William Longue Epee, his monument and epitaph,
William the Conqueror, sailed from St. Vallery to invade England,
  died in the palace on the Mont aux Malades,
William of Jumieges, the original autograph of his history at Rouen,
Windows, rose, characteristic of French ecclesiastical architecture,


Yainville, church of,
Yvetot, present appearance of,
  said to have been formerly a kingdom,
  exempt before the revolution from taxes,

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