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Dawson Turner
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Relics, in old times, often migratory,
  frequently collected on solemn occasions,
Representative system in France,
Revolution, advantages resulting from, to France,
Richard Ist, Duke of Normandy, buried at Fecamp,
  his extraordinary directions respecting his interment,
Richard Coeur-de-Lion, offends the archbishop of Rouen, by building
  Chateau Gaillard,
  his heart buried at Rouen,
Roads to Paris, by Dieppe, Calais, and Havre, compared,
  from Dieppe to Rouen,
  from Yvetot to Rouen,
Rolec and Aubette, brought to Rouen by the Cardinal d’Amboise,
Robert, paintings by, in the palace at Rouen,
Rollo, his monument and epitaph,
Roth, idol so called, worshipped at Rouen,
Rouen, seen to advantage on entering from Dieppe,
  general character of,
  bridge of boats,
  stone bridge built by Matilda,
  grand cours,
  costume of the inhabitants,
  annual expences of the city,
  probably a Roman station,
  old castles,
  privilege of St. Romain,
  capitulation to Henry Vth,
  Chateau du Vieux Palais,
  petit Chateau,
  fort on Mont Ste. Catherine,
  priory upon ditto,
  taken by Charles IXth,
  mineral springs,
  church of St. Paul,
  church of St. Gervais,
  palace on the Mont aux Malades,
  old part of the church of St. Ouen,
  church of St. Ouen,
  church of St; Maclou,
  church of St. Patrice,
  church of St. Godard,
  house of the Abbess of St. Amand,
  Palais de Justice,
  Place de la Pucelle,
  Tour de la Grosse Horloge,
  convent of the Ursulines,
  public library,
  Societe d’Emulation,
  botanic garden,
  eminent men,
  etymology of the name,
Rousel, John, abbot of St. Ouen, built the present church,


St. Amand, house of the abbess at Rouen,
Ste. Catherine, eminences dedicated to,
St. Gervais, church of, at Rouen,
St. Godard, his monument,
St. Godard, church of, at Rouen, originally dedicated to the Virgin,
  the primitive cathedral of the city,
  famous for its painted glass,
St. Jacques, church of, at Dieppe,
  pendants in the lady-chapel,
  chapel of the sepulchre,
St. Julien, lazar-house of, near Rouen,
  its chapel, a fine specimen of Norman architecture,
  monastery ceded to the Carthusians, and now destroyed
St. Maclou, church of, at Rouen,
St. Mello, buried in the crypt of St. Gervais, at Rouen,
St. Nicaise, buried in the crypt of St. Gervais, at Rouen,
St. Ouen, church of, at Rouen, a fine specimen of pointed
  its history,
  details of,
  paintings in,

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