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Dawson Turner
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Machon, Jean, founder of the great bell, at Rouen,
  his epitaph,
Manby, Captain, ill rewarded,
Manuscript, by William de Jumieges,
  fac-simile from,
Maurilius, archbishop of Rouen, his epitaph,
Medallions, remarkable, on the portal of St. Romain, in Rouen
Megissier, Peter, one of the judges of Joan of Arc,
  his epitaph,
Millin, his account of a crime, screened under the privilege of
  St. Romain,
Milner, Rev. Dr., his description of a monumental effigy in
  Rouen cathedral,
Mint, at Rouen,
Miserere, sculpture upon, in Beverley Minster,
Missal from Jumieges, in the library, at Rouen,
Missals, merit attached to writing, in early times,
Mont aux Malades, near Rouen, site of a ducal palace,
Mont Ste. Catherine, fort upon,
  fortress probably Roman,
  view from,
Montfaucon, his engravings of historical sculpture, at Rouen,
Montivilliers, seat of an abbey in the seventh century,
  remarkable capitals in the church,
  present state of,
Monument, of the Cardinals d’Amboise,
  of the Duc de Breze
Museum, at Rouen,


Napoleon, benefactor to Dieppe,
  his opinion as to the issue of the battle of Arques,
  jealous of Henry IVth,
  song in his honour,
  began a new bridge at Rouen,
  cleared France of beggars,
Normandy, divided into departments,
  its former titular duchies,


Oath of the Archbishop of Rouen,
Orchideae, abundant about Rouen,


Palais de Justice, at Rouen, built on the site of the Jewry,
  now used as a court of assize,
  great chamber in,
Parliament of Normandy,
Parties, state of, in France,
Patent, of the abbot of the Conards,
Pavilly, monastery and church of,
Pays de Caux, the country of the Caletes,
  formerly dignified with the epithet, noble,
Philip de Champagne, painting by, in Rouen cathedral,
Place de la Pucelle, so called because Joan of Arc was burned there,
  monument in it in honor of Joan of Arc,
  house in it richly ornamented with sculpture,
Poirier, his account of the destruction of the Chasse of St. Romain,
Pollet, a suburb of Dieppe, costume of its inhabitants,
Pommeraye, Dom, his account of the outrages committed by the Huguenots
  in the church of St. Ouen,
Precious blood, the most sacred relic at Fecamp,
Priory, of Longueville,
  at Rouen, on Mont Ste. Catherine,
Procession des Fous, held in the cathedral, at Rouen,


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