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Dawson Turner
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Gaguin, his account of the origin of the kingdom of Yvetot,
Game-laws, in France,
Gargouille, dragon so called, destroyed by St. Romain,
Glass, painted, in the cathedral, at Rouen,
  in the church of St. Godard,
Goujon, Jean, author of the embellishments in the French translation
  of the Polifilo,
Graduel, by Daniel d’Eaubonne, in the Public Library at Rouen,
Graville, priory of,
Guild, of the Assumption at Dieppe,
  of the Passion at Rouen,


Hair of the Virgin, curious dissertation concerning,
Halles, at Rouen,
Harfleur, formerly of importance, now chiefly deserted,
  etymology of the name,
  its history,
  beauty of the tower and spire of the church,
Havre, a great commercial town,
  its present appearance,
  founded in 1515,
  history of,
  eminent men,
Henry, eldest son of Henry IInd, buried in Rouen cathedral,
Henry IVth, his address to the inhabitants of Dieppe,
  speech before the battle of Arques,
Henry Vth, his conduct at the capture of Harfleur,
  builds the Chateau du Vieux Palais, at Rouen,
Herring and Mackerel Fishery, at Dieppe,
Heylin, Peter, his description of a Norman inn,
  account of the great chamber of the Palais de Justice, at Rouen,
Holy sepulture, chapel of the, in the church at Dieppe,
Hospitals at Rouen, annual charge of,
Houses, construction of, between Yveto and Rouen,
House-rent, expence of, at Rouen,
Huguenots, excesses committed by, in the church of St. Ouen,
Hymn, in honor of St Nicaise and St. Mello,


Inns in Normandy, described by Peter Heylin,
Inscription, on a benitier, at Dieppe,
  formerly upon crosses, at Rouen,
Ivory, much wrought by the inhabitants of Dieppe,


Joan of Arc, burned at Rouen,
  privileges granted to her family,
Jouvenet, cieling painted by, in the Palais de Justice, at
  his sketches for the dome of the Hotel des Invalides,
  native of Rouen,
Judith, Lady, her epitaph at Fecamp,


Kelp, made in large quantity near Dieppe,


Lace, much smuggled into France,
Lery, church of, a fine specimen of Norman architecture,
Library, public, at Rouen, how formed,
  its regulations and revenue,
Lillebonne, ruins of the castle,
  metropolis of the Caletes
Living, expence of, in France,
Livre d’Ivoire,
Longueville, priory of, built by Walter Giffard,
  burial-place of the Talbots,


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