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Dawson Turner
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  his present salary,
  the oath taken by him on his accession,
Architecture, perpendicular style of, unknown in Normandy,
Arques, battle of,
Arques, castle of, its origin,
  its history,
  when built,
Arques, town of, formerly a place of importance,
Arques, church of, a beautiful specimen of florid Norman-gothic


B, the mark of money coined at Rouen,
Bedford, John, Duke of, buried in Rouen cathedral,
Bedford Missal, anecdote respecting the sale of, in 1786,
Beggars In France,
Benedictionary, in the public library at Rouen,
Berneval, Alexander, his tomb in the church of St. Ouen
Bertheville, ancient name of Dieppe,
Bochart, a native of Rouen,
Botanic Garden, at Rouen,
Boulevards, at Rouen,
Bourgueville, his account of the privilege of St. Romain,
Bouzard, I.A., house built for, at Dieppe,
Breze, Lewis, Duke of, his monument in Rouen cathedral
Bridge of boats, at Rouen,
Brighton, compared with Dieppe,


Caesar, Julius, Roman camps in France commonly ascribed to,
Caesar’s camp, near Dieppe, described,
  plan of,
  if really Roman,
Caletes, name of the former inhabitants of the Pays de Caux,
Canal from Dieppe to Pontoise, projected by Vauban,
Castle, at Dieppe,
  at Lillebonne,
Cathedral at Rouen, described
  western portal
  sculpture over the doors,
  tower of St. Romain,
  Tour de Beurre,
  great bell,
  central tower,
  origin of,
  details of,
  staircase leading to the library,
Catherine of Medicis, her sanguinary conduct at the capture of
Caucalis grandiflora, found at Caesar’s camp, near Dieppe,
Champ du Drap d’or, meeting at, represented in a series of
Charles Vth, buried in Rouen cathedral,
Charles IXth, his conduct at the capture of Rouen,
Charter, constitutional, of France,
Chateau de Bouvreuil at Rouen, three towers standing of,
Chateau du Vieux Palais at Rouen, built by Henry Vth; destroyed
  at the revolution,
Church, of St. Jacques, at Dieppe,
  St. Remi, at ditto,
  the Trinity, at Fecamp,
  St. Stephen, at ditto,
  St. Paul, at Rouen,
  St. Gervais, at ditto,
  St. Ouen, Rouen,
  St. Maclou, at ditto,
  St. Patrice, at ditto,
  St. Godard, at ditto,
Churches, in early times, often changed patrons,
Cite de Limes, Caesar’s camp, near Dieppe, anciently so called,
Civitas Limarum, Caesar’s camp, near Dieppe, anciently so called,
Cliffs, height of, near Dieppe,
Conards, confraternity of,

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