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John MacGillivray
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 302 pages of information about Narrative of the Voyage of H.M.S. Rattlesnake, Commanded By the Late Captain Owen Stanley, R.N., F.R.S. Etc. During the Years 1846-1850..

On the mollusca collected by Mr. Macgillivray during the voyage of the
Rattlesnake, by professor Edward Forbes, F.R.S.

Descriptions of some new species of ANNULOSA collected by Mr.
Macgillivray during the voyage of H.M.S.  Rattlesnake, by Adam white,
esquire, F.L.S.


Natives of Redscar bay, new Guinea.

Funeral screen, Mount Ernest.

Interior of Darnley island hut.

New shells
Tab. 2. 
Fig. 1.  Helix brumeriensis. 
Fig. 2.  Helix franklandiensis. 
Fig. 3.  Helix inconspicua. 
Fig. 4.  Helix iuloides. 
Fig. 5.  Helix divisa. 
Fig. 6.  Helix yulei. 
Fig. 7.  Helix dunkiensis. 
Fig. 8.  Helix louisiadensis. 
Fig. 9.  Balea australis. 
Fig. 10.  Pupina grandis.

New shells
Tab. 3. 
Fig. 1.  Helix macgillivrayi. 
Fig. 2.  Pupina Thomsoni. 
Fig. 3.  Helicina gouldiana. 
Fig. 4.  Helicina stanleyi. 
Fig. 5.  Helicina louisiadensis. 
Fig. 6.  Ranella pulchra. 
Fig. 7.  Scalaria jukesiana. 
Fig. 8.  Macgillivrayia pelagica. 
Fig. 9.  Cheletropis huxleyi.

New insects
Tab. 4. 
Fig. 1, 2.  Pachyrhynchus stanleyanus, White. 
Fig. 3, 4.  Drusilla myloecha, Westwood. 
Fig. 5.  Eusemia mariana, White.

New crabs
Fig. 1.  Ommatocarcinus macgillivrayi, White. 
Fig. 2.  Porcellanella triloba, White.

Chart of Torres strait, new Guinea, and Louisiade archipelago.




Distribution of Aboriginal tribes of Cape York and Torres Strait. 
Mode of warfare illustrated. 
Their social condition. 
Treatment of the women. 
Prevalence of infanticide. 
Education of a child. 
Mode of scarifying the body. 
Initiation to manhood. 
Their canoes, weapons, and huts. 
Dress of the women. 
Food of the natives. 
Mode of fishing. 
Capture of the turtle and dugong described. 
Yams and mode of culture. 
Edible roots, fruits, etc
No recognised chieftainship. 
Laws regarding property in land. 
Belief in transmigration of souls. 
Their traditions. 
Diseases and modes of treatment. 
Burial Ceremonies.

Distribution of tribes of Cape York and Torres strait.

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