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A Vertigo, Giddiness, or Swimming in the Head, will generally be removed by proceeding in the same Manner as for the Head-ach.


No Disease is more difficult to cure than the Epilepsy or Falling-Sickness; yet several Instances have occurred where the most violent Degrees of it, have been cured, even in grown Persons, by taking a Dose of this Medicine regularly every Night and Morning for a considerable Time.  The Dose must be regulated according to the Age of the Patient, as mentioned in the General Direction, Page 11.  If a Pain is felt in any Part of the Head, the AETHER must be applied to that Part occasionally, and it must be previously shaved, if necessary.  It will be proper to give a small Dose of Tinctura Sacra, or of the Pill.  Rufi, at proper Intervals, as once a Week or Fortnight.  It will also, in most Cases, be necessary to give now and then a Vomit.  If it be suspected that the Patient has Worms, proper Medicines to destroy them ought also to be given.


In Convulsions, or Convulsive Disorders, give the AETHER inwardly, a Dose two three Times a Day, or oftener, according to the exigence of the Case; and it should also be applied externally to the Forehead, or any other Part of the Head, during the Fit.  If the Patient is full of blood, bleeding is necessary, and if Costive, a Dose of Manna, Senna, or any gentle Laxative, or a Clyster, should be given.

Hysteric and Hypochondriac DISORDERS.

This Medicine has excellent Effect in Hysteric Fits, and in all that Train of Symptoms which Hysteric and Hypochondriac Persons are subject to; such as Risings in the Throat threatning Suffocation, difficult Breathing, Flutterings and Palpitations of the Heart, frequent Fainting, Lowness of Spirits, violent Pains in the Head, Languor of the whole Body, Dullness of the Mind and Senses, with constant Anxieties and Inquietude, &c.  The Dose must be repeated according to the urgency of the Symptoms; and the Medicine must be continued some Time after the Complaints disappear, to prevent a Relapse.  It will be serviceable during the Use of the AETHER, especially in Case of Costiveness, to take at proper Intervals a gentle Purge, such as Tinctura Sacra, Pill Rufi, Rhubarb, or Glauber’s Salts.  Bodily Exercise of all sorts contributes greatly to the Cure of these Complaints, especially Riding on Horseback.


In Palsies, and all Paralytic Complaints, the Patient, if a grown Person, must take the quantity of a Tea Spoonful of the AETHER every Night and Morning.  The Dose must be lessened in young People, according to their Age.  It will also be proper to snuff a little of it up the Nostrils once or twice a Day, or apply a bit of Rag wetted with it up the Nostrils.  The AETHER must also be applied externally to the

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