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    Lemon cream
    Orange cream
    Raspberry cream
    Tea cream
    Sago cream
    Barley cream
    Gooseberry fool
    To make slip
    Curds and cream
    Blanc mange
    To make a hen’s nest
    Pheasants a-la-daub
    Partridges a-la-daub
    Chickens a-la-daub
    To make savoury jelly
    Turkey a-la-daub
    An excellent relish after dinner
    To stew perch


    Directions for making preserves
    To preserve cling-stone peaches
    Cling-stones sliced
    Soft peaches
    Peach marmalade
    Peach chips
    Pear marmalade
    Currant jelly
    Quince jelly
    Quince marmalade
    Morello cherries
    To dry cherries
    Raspberry jam
    To preserve strawberries
    Strawberry jam
    Apricots in brandy
    Peaches in brandy
    Cherries in brandy
    Magnum bonum plums in brandy


    Lemon pickle
    Tomato catsup
    Tomato marmalade
    Tomato sweet marmalade
    Tomato soy
    Pepper vinegar
    Mushroom catsup
    Tarragon or astragon vinegar
    Curry powder
    To pickle cucumbers
    Oil mangos
    To make the stuffing for forty melons
    To make yellow pickle
    To make green pickles
    To prepare vinegar for green or yellow pickle
    To pickle onions
    To pickle nastertiums
    To pickle radish pods
    To pickle English walnuts
    To pickle peppers
    To make walnut catsup
    To pickle green nectarines, or apricots
    To pickle asparagus
    Observations on pickling


    Ginger wine
    Cherry shrub
    Currant wine
    To make cherry brandy
    Rose brandy
    Peach cordial
    Raspberry cordial
    Raspberry vinegar
    Mint cordial
    Hydromel, or mead
    To make a substitute for arrack
    Lemon cordial
    Ginger beer
    Spruce beer
    Molasses beer
    To keep lemon juice
    Sugar vinegar
    Honey vinegar
    Syrup of vinegar
    Aromatic vinegar
    Vinegar of the four thieves
    Lavender water
    Hungarian water
    To prepare cosmetic soap for washing the hands
    Cologne water
    Soft pomatum
    To make soap
    To make starch
    To dry herbs
    To clean silver utensils
    To make blacking
    To clean knives and forks



Take four large bunches of asparagus, scrape it nicely, cut off one inch of the tops, and lay them in water, chop the stalks and put them on the fire with a piece of bacon, a large onion cut up, and pepper and salt; add two quarts of water, boil them till the stalks are quite soft, then pulp them through a sieve, and strain the water to it, which must be put back in the pot; put into it a chicken cut up, with the tops of asparagus which had been laid by, boil it until these last articles are sufficiently done, thicken with flour, butter and milk, and serve it up.

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