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was flying in the air as he went around, indicating to the audience the success of the feat.  Then the same feat was performed on the other shoulder.  Then when the bull attacked the man again, a rosette was implanted between his horns, and the man escaped, which was the most difficult of all.  They had red flags in one hand to enrage and blind him, but this bull, he became so furious and enraged that they could not master him.  He rushed upon the man on horseback, threw the horse and rider, and, with his horns, tore the entrails out of the horse and killed it.  The man was wounded, but escaped.  The rest of the fighters fled, and one climbed up the side of the paling and came within two inches of being impaled alive against the side by the bull’s horns.  As I write I can, in imagination, hear the sound of the animal’s horns as they struck the boards in missing the man.  The bull was master of the situation; he had cleared the ring.  It was a terrible sight as he roared around in his fury.  Then the most startling event of all occurred.  It seems incredible, but it is the truth of history, and I must write it.

[Illustration:  THE BULL FIGHT]

A greaser, with no weapon, but simply his seraper, a shawl that he wore around his shoulders, took that off and stretching it out in his hands, jumped down into the pit of the ring alone, to the entire astonishment of the audience, looked Mr. Bull in the eyes and dodged him with his shawl as the animal attacked him.  He had probably been brought up among wild bulls.  The audience all arose in excitement, expecting to see him torn to pieces, and crying out for him to escape.  The professional bull-fighters got their red flags and drew the bull off, and the greaser escaped, and seemed to be surprised at the excitement of the audience.  They succeeded in getting the bull out, and dragging out the dead horse, and letting in a less ferocious one.  The same performance was gone through with him, as already described, except that this one was conquered.  At last, when the bull pitched at the man, he holds his sword in such a way that the weight of the animal comes on it, and passes between his foreshoulders and penetrates his heart.  In an instant the back wilts and the animal lies dead.  It was the most sudden change, from full vitality to death; it startled you.  It’s a shock to your nervous system.  My friend and myself said it was the first and last bull-fight we would ever see.

The price of lumber and vegetables kept up.  I paid forty cents a pound for potatoes in buying provisions for the hands on my brig.  I furnished them enough to last them on the up trip, but not for the return, so they would hurry back.  It was now time for the vessel with the houses to arrive, and I expected to buy a ship with the money, and to go to the Sandwich Islands and make, what I considered, a fortune for me, but alas! no Prince de Joinville came.  It was hope deferred.  Finally the rainy season

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