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Robert Kerr (writer)
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 656 pages of information about A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels Volume 04.


Chap.  V. History of the discovery and conquest of Mexico, continued.

  VI.  The Spaniards commence their march to Mexico; with an account of the
  war in Tlascala, and the submission of that nation.

  VII.  Events during the march of the Spaniards from Tlascala to Mexico.

  VIII.  Arrival of the Spaniards in Mexico, and transactions there till
  the arrival of Narvaez to supersede Cortes.

  IX.  Expedition of Narvaez to supersede Cortes in the command, and
  occurrences till his defeat by Cortes.

  X. Occurrences from the defeat of Narvaez, to the expulsion of the
  Spaniards from Mexico, and the subsequent battle of Otumba.

  XI.  Occurrences from the battle of Otumba, till the march of Cortes to
  besiege Mexico.

  XII.  Transactions of Cortes and the Spaniards, from their march against
  Mexico, to the commencement of the siege of that city.

  XIII.  Narrative of occurrences, from the commencement of the siege of
  Mexico to its reduction, and the capture of Guatimotzin.

  XIV.  Occurrences in New Spain, immediately subsequent to the reduction
  of Mexico.

  XV.  Expeditions sent by Cortes to reduce the provinces of the Mexican

  XVI.  Expedition of Garay to colonize Panuco.

  XVII.  Narrative of various expeditions for the reduction of different
  provinces in New Spain.

  XVIII.  Negociations of Cortes at the court of Spain, respecting the
  conquest and government of Mexico.

  XIX.  Of an expedition against the Zapotecas, and various other

  XX.  Narrative of the expedition of Cortes to Higueras.

  XXI.  Return of Cortes to Mexico, and occurrences there previous to his
  departure for Europe.

  XXII.  Narrative of occurrences, from the departure of Cortes to Europe
  till his death.

  XXIII.  Concluding observations by the Author.

Chap.  VI.  History of the discovery and conquest of Peru, by Francisco Pizarro; written by Augustino Zarate, treasurer of that kingdom, a few years after the conquest.


  I. Of the discovery of Peru, with some account of the country and its

  II.  Transactions of Pizarro and the Spaniards in Peru, from the
  commencement of the conquest, till the departure of Almagro for the
  discovery of Chili.

  III.  Occurrences from the departure of Almagro for Chili, to his capture
  by Pizarro, being the first part of the civil wars in Peru.

  IV.  Expeditions of Pedro de Valdivia into Chili, and of Gonzalo Pizarro
  to Los Canelos.

  V. Conspiracy of the Almagrians and Assassination of Pizarro.

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