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back in Kentucky where I came from.  They said they could not sin and that they were just as good as Jesus Christ himself.  They were given to all sorts of fanatical projects.  They claimed to have great faith and went so far as to say they were healed, as some of these people have said tonight.  One of them even said that by faith he had caused an iron wedge to float on the water.  Talk about living free from sin.  There never could be a more crooked doctrine preached.  The Bible plainly says, ‘There is none good, no not one.’  It also says that ’If a man liveth and saith he sinneth not, he is a liar and the truth is not in him.’  I believe the Bible.  When I was in college old Professor Thorndike used to give us an occasional lecture on the Hellish Heresy of Holiness.  He knew all about the doctrine and the harm it is doing these days.  I am bold to say right here that God has called me and raised me up to fight holiness, and I have dedicated my life to this cause.  I aim to use every means, fair and foul, to stamp this doctrine out of this community (Deacon Gramps, “Amen.").  I want to warn Preacher Blank and every one of his dupes right here that if he continues to preach in this community he does so at his own peril.  You people have no right, legal or moral, to come here and disturb the peace and tranquility of Mount Olivet church, a church that has stood standpat for nearly half a century in defence of the truth.  I here and now call upon every loyal member to come to the defence of the faith of your fathers.  Those who will pledge their united support to the cause of stamping out holiness rise to your feet.”

At this a score and a half of rustic mountaineers boldly stood up.  “Let those who have made this solemn pledge meet me at the back door of the arbor,” said Bonds as he sat down.


During the time that Bonds was on the floor, Evangelist Blank leaned against the pulpit with his face in his hands as if in prayer.  When Bonds sat down the Evangelist calmly faced the audience.  Just at this time he seemed to possess the meekness of a lamb and the boldness of a lion.  He seemed perfectly composed, as he remarked, “Well, brethren and friends, I am indeed sorry to see this splendid testimony meeting end in this way.  I am sorry the ministerial brother feels as he does toward the truth we have preached, and I hope after prayer and reflection he will see his way clear not to hinder the progress of the meeting.  However, if God sees fit to allow the hand of persecution to fall upon us, we bow submissively to his will.  But we will not, we dare not compromise God’s truth.  We will preach the Bible regardless of consequences.”  With these remarks Evangelist Blank closed the service.

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