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Finally the task behind the window was done.  The mail was sorted and placed alphabetically in the proper boxes.  The postmaster flipped up the window, and there was a mighty rush and a scramble—­for who is not eager to get a letter?  Some received several letters and papers; some only one letter; some only a paper; some only a catalogue.  Some were disappointed altogether, judging from facial expressions; some received glad messages, some sad messages, some indifferent.

When the crowd was dispersed, the two strangers who had been seated on the bench appeared at the window and called for their mail.  The postmaster handed to one of them a letter addressed, Evangelist Blank.  The address was written in almost an unreadable hand.  The evangelist opened the letter.  It ran thus: 

Dobbinsville, ——­, Aug. 29——­

My dear Evangelist brother: 

i am saved and sanctified praise God O how i rejoice in this wonderful salvashun i was a member of Mt.  Olivet church fer 27 yrs. but i never knowed what it was to be saved from sin this summer i was herdin cattle down in the hills about 30 mi. from here and a most wonderful thing happened.  To preachers came along and told me that Christ could save and sanctify me i fought them at first but God would not let me rest until i gave him my heart, then he sanctified me holy o how i rejoice my wife and oldest son is also saved now but say bruther how the people of my own church persecute me they say I am crazy and that a man cant be saved from sin in this life o if i had only found this salvashun when i was a young man but now i am middle aged but by god’s grace i aim to do all i can to save my neighbors, i see in the holiness paper that you are a evangelist and that you go about preachin this wonderful salvashun so i want to now if you will come down here and preach to the people we can’t get Mt.  Olivet church but we can build a brush arber. i am sending you $20. this part of the money i urned herdin cattle for deacon gramps i promised the Lord when he saved me that i would give him part of this money so here it is so i hope you can cum your brother saved sanctified and happy

Jake Benton


As I have said before, Deacon Gramps sat on his plow handles at the close of an August day.  He fairly rejoiced when he saw Deacon Brown and Deacon Jones coming toward him.

“Good evening, Brother Gramps,” shouted Jones and Brown simultaneously.

“Good evening, my good brethering,” responded Gramps, “I am so glad to see you.  I have a great burden on my mind and I was just planning to go to your house, Brother Brown, as soon as I had unharnessed my team and eaten supper.”

Brown and Jones looked at Gramps with an expectant gaze, and continued silent.  Gramps went on, “It’s high time we was doin’ somethin’ to protect our church.  I have been a deacon in this church fer many a year, but to my mind this is the most dangerous time Mount Olivet has ever seen.”

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