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Midst roses here we stand a troop with hearts that glow;
The rose our long-miss’d friend retains in full array;
No fairer pearls than friends and cups the roses know;
Poor Hafiz loves the rose, and down his soul would lay,
With joy, to win the dust its guardian’s foot below.


If shedding lovers’ blood thou deem’st a matter slight,
No goodness I can plead to scare thee and affright,
O Thou, in whose black locks night’s Genius stands confest,
Whose maiden cheek displays the morning’s Master bright. 
My eyes to fountains turn, down pouring on my breast,
I sink amid their waves, to swim I have no might. 
O ruby lip, by thee life’s water is possest,
Thou couldst awake the dead to vigour and delight;
There’s no salvation from the tresses which invest
Those temples, nor from eyes swift-flashing left and right. 
Devotion, piety I plead not to arrest
My doom, no goodness crowns the passion-madden’d wight;
Thy prayer unmeaning cease, with which thou weariest,
O Hafiz, the most High at morning and at night.


O Thou, whose equal mind knows no vexation,
Who holding love in deep abomination,
On love’s divan to loiter wilt not deign,
Thy wit doth merit every commendation. 
Love’s visions never will disturb his brain,
Who drinketh of the vine the sweet oblation;
And know, thou passion-smit, pale visag’d swain,
There’s medicine to work thy restoration;
Ever in memory the receipt retain—­
’Tis quaffing wine-cups to intoxication.


From the Turkish of Fezouli.

O Fezouli, the hour is near,
Which bids thee from this world depart,
And leave—­what now thou hold’st so dear—­
The loves of thy too ardent heart.

Yet till that fated hour arrive,
Be thy emprises, every one,
If thou wouldst fain behold them thrive,
In God’s Almighty name begun.


From the Turkish.  (Translated from the metrical History of the World.)

Eight Gennets {8} there be, as some relate,
Or one subdivided, as others state;
The first Dar al Galal, the next is Salem,
And Gennet Amawi stands next to them;
Then Kholud and Nayim and Gennet Ferdous—­
And that last as most lovely is pictur’d to us;
A seventh there is, Dar al Karar the same,
And an eighth there is also, and Ad is its name. 
God made Dar al Galal of white pearls fair,
Then of rubies Al Salem, so red in their glare;
He made Gennet Kholud so splendid to stand
Of bright yellow corals, so smooth to the hand;
Then blest Gennet Nayim of silver ore—­
Behold ye its strength, and its Maker adore. 
Gold bricks He employ’d when He built Ferdous,
And of living sapphires Al Karar rose. 
He made the eighth Gennet of jewels all,

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