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Edward Bannerman Ramsay
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voice, a fine mellow baritone, being well suited to these songs.  You may remember his lectures on Handel delivered at the Philosophical Institution some years ago, and how enthusiastic he was when describing the manifold beauties of his favourite composer, and how interested and eager he became when the choir sang the music he knew and loved so well....
I wrote this on Saturday evening when sitting alone, thinking of the great loss I had sustained; the variety there was in Edward’s character; how accomplished he was; what knowledge he had on many subjects; his fine taste, his gentleness and Christian piety; and then his strong sense of humour and fun; how amusing he was, and such droll things broke out every now and then! even to the very last so genial and social, and altogether such a man that we “ne’er shall look upon his like again.”—­Yours very sincerely, LAUDERDALE BURNETT.





In preparing another duodecimo edition of the “Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character,” I gladly avail myself of the opportunity afforded me of reproducing some of the materials which had been added to the octavo edition, especially that part at page 322, etc., which advocated a modified interchange of pulpits between Episcopalian and Presbyterian clergymen; to add also some excellent Scottish stories which had been sent to me by kind friends.  I am desirous also of repeating the correction of an error into which we had fallen in copying the account of a toast in the Highland form, which had been kindly contributed by the respected minister of Moulin, in the octavo edition at page 70.  To Lowland conceptions, the whole proceeding has somewhat the appearance of a respectable company at once becoming insane; still it ought to be correct, and the printer had, by mistake, inserted a word that has no existence in the Gaelic language.  The text reads—­

     “Lud ris!  Lud ris!  You again! you again!”

It should be

     Sud ris!  Sud ris!  Yon again! yon again!

that is—­“you cheer again.”

The demand for a twenty-second edition of a volume of “Scottish Reminiscences” embracing subjects which are necessarily of a limited and local character—­a demand which has taken place during the course of little more than fifteen years since its first publication—­proves, I think, the correctness of the idea upon which it was first undertaken—­viz. that it should depict a phase of national manners which was fast passing away, and thus, in however humble a department, contribute something to the materials of history, by exhibiting social customs and habits of thought which at a particular era were characteristic of a race.  It may perhaps be very fairly said that the Reminiscences came out at a time specially suitable to rescue these features of national life and character from oblivion.  They had begun to fade away, and many had, to the present generation, become obsolete.

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