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Edward Bannerman Ramsay
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What will be the spontaneous impression produced by looking back on bygone intercourses in life?  Will past thought of me furnish the memory of those who survive me with recollections that will be fond and pleasing?” In one word, let each one ask himself (I speak to countrymen and countrywomen), “Will my name be associated with gentle and happy ’REMINISCENCES OF SCOTTISH LIFE AND CHARACTER’?”


[191] Sterne, in one of his letters, describes his reading Tristram Shandy to his wife and daughter—­his daughter copying from his dictation, and Mrs. Sterne sitting by and listening whilst she worked.  In the life of Sterne, it is recorded that he used to carry about in his pocket a volume of this same work, and read it aloud when he went into company.  Admirable reading for the church dignitary, the prebendary of York!  How well adapted to the hours of social intercourse with friends!  How fitted for domestic seclusion with his family!

[192] Scottish Guardian, vol. ii.  No. ix. p. 305.

[193] “What is Religion?” a sermon by Rev. John Caird, D.D., Professor of Divinity in the University of Glasgow, and one of Her Majesty’s Chaplains for Scotland.  See especially concluding remarks.

[194] See Southey’s Roderick, book xxi.


‘Aaple,’ bottle of beer strong o’. 
Abercairney, Laird of, prevented from going out in ’15. 
Aberdeen dialect, perfect specimens of. 
Aberdeen elders, opinion of. 
Aberdeen provost, wife of, at the opera. 
Aberdeen, two ladies of, mutual recrimination. 
‘A bonnie bride’s sune buskit.’ 
Accommodation, grand, for snuff. 
‘Acts o’ Parliament lose their breath
    before they get to Aberdeenshire.’ 
Adam, Dr., Latin translation of Scottish expressions. 
Advice to a minister in talking to a ploughman. 
‘A gravesteen wad gie guid bree gin ye gied it plenty o’ butter.’ 
‘A hantle o’ miscellawneous eating about a pig.’ 
Airth, housekeeper at, on king of France. 
Alexander, Dr. W. Lindsay. 
‘And what the devil is it to you whether I have a liver or not?’
Anecdotes of quaint Scottish character. 
Angel-worship is not allowed in the Church of Scotland. 
Angler and the horse-fly. 
’Anither gude Sunday!  I dinna ken
    whan I’ll get thae drawers redd up.’ 
‘Anither het day, Cornal.’ 
‘An inch at the tap is worth twa at the boddam.’ 
‘An I hadna been an idiot I micht hae been sleepin’ too.’ 
Annals of the parish, extracts from. 
Answer to stranger asking the way. 
Answers, dry, specimens of. 
‘A peer o’ anither tree.’ 
Appetite, farmer’s reason for minister’s good appetite. 
Asher, minister of Inveraven, anecdote of. 
Athole, Duke of, and Cultoquhey. 
Athole, Duke of, answer of his cottar. 
Auction, anecdote of spoon missing. 
Auld lang syne, beauty of the expression. 
Auld, Rev. Dr., of Ayr, and Rab Hamilton. 
Authors, older ones indecent. 
‘Ay, ir ye a’ up an’ awa?’
’Ay, she may prosper, for she has baith the prayers of the good and
     of the bad.’

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