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astral world
Its Scenery, Dwellers and Phenomena
Swami Panchadasi

Containing treatment on such matter as the following: 

Chapter I.—­The Seven Planes of Being.  What is meant by a Plane.  A state rather than a place.  Chapter II.—­Astral Regions.  What is meant by an Astral Region.  Where located.  Chapter III.—­Reality of the Astral.  What one encounters on an astral journey.  Chapter IV.—­Passing the Border.  Passing out of the physical body.  Alone in the astral body.  Chapter V.—­Some Lower Sub-Planes.  Why the soul sheds.  The Astral shell, bodies without souls, still seemingly alive and conscious.  Chapter VI.—­Disembodied Souls.  The resting place of the souls.  Not dead, but sleeping.  Chapter VII.—­Scenes of the Astral.  How the low entities pass their time.  Punished by their sins not for them.  Chapter VIII.—­Life and Work on the Astral.  Character and occupations of the Astral Dwellers.  Chapter IX.—­Higher Planes and beyond.  The true home of the soul.  The Heaven worlds.  Chapter X.—­The Astral Light.  What the astral light is.  A startling presentation of a wonderful occult truth.  Chapter XI.—­Astral Entities.  Non-human dwellers on the astral.

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Practical psychometry
Alexr.  Verner, F.A.I.P.

There is a great demand for good Psychometrists at the present time, and in the near future there will be a greater demand for the vast amount of good that can be done by the God-given science of Psychometry (pronounced “Si-com-et-rie").

A Psychometrist is a person able to see these scenes, hear these sounds, read these thoughts, and “sense” these feelings.  If therefore, a lock of hair, a letter, a pocket-knife, or anything belonging to a stranger be handed to a Psychometrist, he will be able to understand much of the person’s past, present, and future—­about their character, disposition, health, surroundings, capabilities, friends, marriage, business, etc.

In this way very valuable information and advice can be obtained for oneself or given to others.

Can you Psychometrize?  If not, why not learn?  You will benefit yourself, and also astound and help your friends.

Full and complete particulars are contained in this book.

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