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It is of the utmost value to learn how to concentrate.  To make the greatest success of anything, you must be able to center your entire thought upon the idea you are working on.  The person who is able to concentrate, utilizes all constructive thoughts and shuts out all destructive ones.  The greatest man would accomplish nothing if he lacked concentration.


In these twenty lessons, this famous author gives you in simple, concrete form the results of his lifetime investigations.  He shows you how to acquire that mental quality of concentration which has made world-known leaders.  He shows you how to focus your ideas, to get away from mind wandering, to eliminate day dreams—­how to use your mind like an ever-ready tool and to accomplish in hours what the man without this ability does only in weeks or months.  He tells clearly why some men lead, while others with equal intelligence remain in the ranks.  He shows the clear way to make the utmost out of your mentality.  No degree of success, within reason, is impossible when one possesses the Power of Concentration.

Read the principles laid down so clearly by Professor Dumont.  Practice the exercises which he has so carefully worked out.  This training is as much a guarantee of success as any other method known.  Simply learn to use your brains—­learn to focus, to concentrate and the highway to bigger things is open to you.


Opportunities Made Through Concentration. (Shows the plain road to the top.) Self Mastery. (How to centralize attention.) Training the Will. (A mighty force at your disposal.) Mental Poise. (How to command conditions.) Business Success. (How to coordinate forces by concentration.) Attaining Wealth. (How to attract money bringing factors.) How Courage is Gained.  (Use of concentration to drive out fear.) Memory by Concentration. (A very valuable lesson.) Practical Exercises. (The actual application of the principles of concentration.) Many more topics all as interesting and important as those listed.

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Dynamic thought
How to Develop your Personality
Henry Thomas Hamblin

This book develops your personality and the personal power that sways and compels and gives you a powerful influence over the minds of others.

Dynamic Thought reveals new and marvelous facts about the human system.  Men and women achieve success according to the development of their own powers.  You have as much power within you as anyone, but it is lying dormant; and this development can be attained.

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