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Its name, “solar” was bestowed upon it by reason of its central position; its filaments extend in all directions to the important abdominal organs, like the rays of the sun; and it is recognized as being the powerhouse, and great reservoir of “life force,” just as the sun is the great powerhouse and reservoir of material energy of our solar system.

Not alone modern scientific investigators; but also many very ancient investigators, such as the oriental occultists and sages, who many centuries ago recognized certain subtle functions and offices of this wonderful “fourth brain” of man, and taught their students many valuable methods of effectively employing its finer forces and hidden energies.

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How to know your future
Alexr.  Verner, F.A.I.P.

As St. Paul points out, man has a natural (or material) body and a spiritual body.  There are also a material world and a spiritual world.  With the eye we can only see material things.  To see the spiritual world we must cultivate the spiritual sight.  Seeing spiritual things with the spiritual sight is called Clairvoyance (or “Second Sight").

You can if you choose, cultivate clairvoyant faculty.  If you do, you may be able to see places and persons in the spiritual world.  This may enable you to describe to your friends, people in spirit life that they have known here.

It can also help you to see what is going on at a distance in this world.  To see into the past and the future.  To obtain hidden information, and to give advice, of the utmost value.  This faculty when properly developed enables one to trace hidden treasure, to find lost friends, animals, and property.  With the development of Clairvoyance it is also possible to develop Clairaudience (Spiritual Hearing).

Crystal Gazing means looking into a crystal ball or into something else of a like kind.  When this faculty is developed one sees a picture or image in the crystal.  Presently the picture will dissolve and another will take its place.  All the above matter is described in this book.

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How to Converse with Spirit Friends
Alexr.  Verner, F.A.I.P.

A medium is a person whose presence is necessary before a spirit can communicate.  “How To Converse With Spirit Friends” tells you how you may develop mediumistic powers, so as to be able to receive messages from the other world when sitting alone.

The book also tells you about different kinds of spirits, including apparitions (ghosts) and spirit guides (the spirit friends that are constantly with each of us); about spirit control (how spirits work through the organisms of mediums); and about spirit-given premonitions, warnings, death-signs, etc.  The work, moreover, gives other interesting and valuable matter.  This work is calculated to “comfort those that mourn.”

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