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Practical Mind Reading By William Walker Atkinson

A course of Lessons on Thought Transference, Telepathy, Mental Currents, Mental Rapport, etc.

This book is full of practical condensed instruction about every phase of Mind Reading, Telepathy, etc.  The exercises and directions are so plain and simple that they can be understood and demonstrated by any person of ordinary intelligence.

Here you will find complete instruction in all the latest points about Mind Reading.  It tells how Thought Transference is practiced in the scientific laboratory as well as by a public performer.  It tells you how to perform feats that will mystify an audience and arouse the deepest interest and enthusiasm, or how you can conduct telepathic experiments with your friends right in your own home.

Here are the titles of the lessons and a few of the subjects treated: 

The nature of mind reading—­A vast, mysterious subject; Power of Etheric Vibrations; Mental wireless telepathy; the mysteries of science; Action of mind upon mind; The mental battery.

The proofs of mind reading—­The Psychic post office; Wonderful results; A convincing experiment.

Contact mind reading—­The two classes of mind reading; The simplest form; Nerve current theory; The truth about public performances.

Development exercises—­How to begin; Rapport conditions—­Rhythmic breathing; Details of finding objects.

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Man has four brains, and not merely one, as is commonly believed to be the case.  Each of the four brains have separate characteristics and distinctive offices and functions.

The Solar Plexus, or Abdominal Brain is situated in the upper part of the abdomen, behind the stomach, in front of the great artery, and in front of pillars of the diaphragm.

The Solar Plexus is the great plexus, i.e., network of nerve-fibres, mass of nerve-substance, etc., of the great sympathetic nervous system.  It is composed of both gray and white nervous substance, or brain-matter, similar to that of the other three brains of man.  It receives and distributes nerve-impulses and currents to all the abdominal organs, and supplies the main organs of nutrition, assimilation, etc., with nervous energy.

It performs a most important work, supplying the nerve-energy which is required for the process of nutrition, assimilation, growth, etc.  In fact, it is the great powerhouse of physical life-energy.  The bodily functions cannot be performed without it; when it is injured the entire physical well-being is at once seriously affected; when it receives a severe shock, death often ensues.

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