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A prominent Mental Scientist, of America, instructs his pupils to consider each of the organs of the patient, or of themselves, as having a separate intelligence; and, therefore, to “speak up to it” as if it really understood what was being said to its organ-mind.  I would say that such form of treatment would be calculated to bring about very good results, indeed.  The principle of concentration and mental picturing would be invoked very strongly in such a case, and the astral counterpart of the organ should respond to such treatment quickly and effectively.  It is an occult fact that there is mind in every organ and cell of the body, and if the same is awakened in the astral counterpart, it will respond to the command, suggestion, or direction.  The writer in question evidently is well acquainted with this occult law, judging from his other writings, and has simply veiled his knowledge with this easily understood method of treatment which undoubtedly will “do the work,” to use the American term.

Finally, no matter what may be the theory, or method, given in connection with psychic healing of any or all kinds, you will find the same general principles underlying it that have been presented over and over again in this book.  In fact, many purely material and physical remedies owe their success to the fact that they appeal to the imagination of the patient, and also inspire confidence in him.  Anything that will inspire confidence, faith and hope in the mind of a patient, and will bring to his mind strong mental pictures of restored health and normal functioning of his organs—­that thing will make for health for him.  So, there you have the whole theory and practice in a sentence!

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I would remind the student that these are not lessons to be read but once and then laid aside.  In order to get from them all that they contain for you, you will find it necessary to read them several times, with a reasonable interval between readings for the knowledge to sink into your mind.  I feel sure that you will find with each reading that there are many points that you over-looked before.  The lessons cover a wide field, with many little excursions into bye-paths and lanes of thought.  I trust that the reading and study will make you not only a wiser person, but also a stronger and more efficient one.  I thank you for your kind attention, and trust that we shall meet again in the future.


The Art and Science of
personal magnetism
By Theron Q. Dumont
the secret of Fortune,
Fame and love

Success can be made more certain by being able to mold minds and to influence them to act as you wish.


By Theron Q. Dumont

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