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When you have made satisfactory progress in the exercises above mentioned, and are able, to demonstrate them with a fair degree of success in actual practice, you may proceed to experiment with persons along the lines of special and direct commands by psychic force.  The following will give you a clear idea of the nature of the experiments in question, but you may enlarge upon and vary them indefinitely.  Remember there is no virtue in mere words—­the effect comes from the power of the thought behind the words.  But, nevertheless, you will find that positive words, used in these silent commands, will help you to fit in your feeling to the words.  Always make the command a real command, never a mere entreaty or appeal.  Assume the mental attitude of a master of men—­of a commander and ruler of other men.  Here follow a number of interesting experiments along these lines, which will be very useful to you in acquiring the art of personal influence of this kind: 


Exercise 1:  When walking down the street behind a person, make him turn around in answer to your mental command.  Select some person who does not seem to be too much rushed or too busy—­select some person who seems to having nothing particular on his mind.  Then desire earnestly that he shall turn around when you mentally call to him to do so; at the same time picture him as turning around in answer to your call; and at the same time concentrate your attention and thought firmly upon him.  After a few moments of preparatory thought, send him the following message, silently of course, with as much force, positiveness and vigor as possible:  “Hey there! turn around and look at me!  Hey! turn around, turn around at once!” While influencing him fix your gaze at the point on his neck where the skull joins it—­right at the base of the brain, in the back.  In a number of cases, you will find that the person will look around as if someone had actually called him aloud.  In other cases, he will seem puzzled, and will look from side to side as if seeking some one.  After a little practice you will be surprised how many persons you can affect in this way.

Exercise 2:  When in a public place, such as a church, concert or theatre, send a similar message to someone seated a little distance in front of you.  Use the same methods as in the first exercise, and you will obtain similar results.  It will seem queer to you at first to notice how the other person will begin to fidget and move around in his seat, and finally glance furtively around as if to see what is causing him the disturbance.  You, of course, will not let him suspect that it is you, but, instead will gaze calmly ahead of you, and pretend not to notice him.

Exercise 3:  This is a variation of the first exercise.  It is practiced by sending to a person approaching you on the street, or walking ahead of you in the same direction, a command to turn to the right, or to the left, as you prefer.  You will be surprised to see how often you will be successful in this.

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