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Above the ordinary scale of light vibrations are the vibrations of the X-Rays and other fine forces—­these are not perceived by the eye, but are caught by delicate instruments and recorded.  Moreover, though science has not as yet discovered the fact, occultists know that the vibrations of mental and emotional states are just as true and regular as are those of sound or light, or heat.  Again, above the plane of the physical vibrations arising from the brain and nervous system, there are the vibrations of the astral counterparts of these, which are much higher in the scale.  For even the astral faculties and organs, while above the physical, still are under the universal rule of vibration, and have their own rate thereof.  The old occult axiom:  “As above, so below; as below, so above” is always seen to work out on all planes of universal energy.

Closely following this idea of the universality of vibrations, and intimately connected therewith, we have the principle of “induction,” which is likewise universal, and found manifesting on all planes of energy.  “What is induction?” you may ask.  Well, it is very simple, or very complex—­just as you may look at it.  The principle of induction (on any plane) is that inherent quality or attribute of energy by which the manifestation of energy tends to reproduce itself in a second object, by setting up corresponding vibrations therein, though without direct contact of the two objects.

Thus, heat in one object tends to induce heat in another object within its range of induction—­the heated object “throws off” heat vibrations which set up corresponding vibrations in the near-by second object and make it hot.  Likewise, the vibrations of light striking upon other objects render them capable of radiating light.  Again, a magnet will induce magnetism in a piece of steel suspended nearby, though the two objects do not actually touch, each other.  An object which is electrified will by induction electrify another object situated some distance away.  A note sounded on the piano, or violin, will cause a glass or vase in some distant part of the room to vibrate and “sing,” under certain conditions.  And, so on, in every form or phase of the manifestation of energy do we see the principle of induction in full operation and manifestation.

On the plane of ordinary thought and emotion, we find many instances of this principle of induction.  We know that one person vibrating strongly with happiness or sorrow, cheerfulness or anger, as the case may be fends to communicate his feeling and emotions, state to those with whom he comes in contact.  All of you have seen a whole room full of persons affected and influenced in this way, under certain circumstances.  You have also seen how a magnetic orator, preacher, singer or actor is able to induce in his audience a state of emotional vibration corresponding to that manifested by himself.  In the same manner the “mental atmospheres” of towns, cities, etc., are induced.

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