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every whit as delightful as any of the preceding, if only you don’t baulk her purposes.  Don’t weigh down your souls, and pin your particles of divine essence to earth by your yesterday’s vices; be sure that when you cannot jump over the chairs so featly as you can now, you will not want to do so; tell the girls with genial old Anacreon, when the time comes, that whether the hairs on your forehead be many or few, you know not, but do know well that it behoves an old man to be cheery in proportion to the propinquity of his exit, and go on your way rejoicing through this beautiful world, which not even the Radicals have quite spoilt yet.

And so a rivederci—­au revoir—­auf Wiedersehn—­why have we no English equivalent better than “Here’s to our next pleasant meeting!”



Abbey, Reading, Mary Mitford’s project concerning
Aberdeen, Lord, and Lord Cowley
Abrams, the Misses
Absolute, Sir A., my representation of
Ackland, Captain
Adam, Sir Frederick
Adam the forger, Dante’s
Adams, John Quincy, Grattan on
Affinities Elective
Age not counted by years
Aladdin’s lamp, G. Eliot wishes for
Albani, Margherita
Alberi, Signor
Albertazzi in 1840
Alinari, photographer at Florence
All the Year Round, contributions to
American lady at Tuileries
Americans at the Pitti Palace
  anecdote of
  meeting Lewes at an
America, my brother’s book on
  criticised by Lewes
  Irish in, Grattan on
Amiens, excursion to
Ampere, his eloge at the Academy by Arago
Amphytrion, Venice as
Anacreon on old age
Antagonism with G. Eliot, subject of
Antagonist, G. Eliot as an
Antiboini, the
Antiques, modern, in Our Village
Antonelli, Cardinal
Apennines, Grand Duke crossing the
  figure representing the, by Michael Angelo
  scenery among the
Apoplexy, man dying of, anecdote of
Appony, Comte d’, his receptions in Paris
April fool, Grattan an
Arago, M., at the Academy
Archduchesses, sweetness of
Archduchess Sophie
Arezzo, marshes near
  Pulszky at
  G. Eliot wishes to see
Aristotle’s Natural Science
Army, Tuscan attitude of at the Revolution
Arnaldo da Brescia, Niccolini’s
Arno river in flood
Articulation, George Eliot’s
Ashley, Lord, letter from
Aspirates, Landor used to drop them
Aspirations, early
Athenaeum, my wife’s letters in the
Atlantic Monthly on Landor
Aubrey, Miss
Aumale, Duke of
Aunt, Dante’s
Aural circulation, Lewes on
Aurora Leigh, Mrs. Browning’s
Austen, Miss, Mary Mitford’s idol
Austin, Alfred
Austrian troops in Florence
  officers, anecdote of
Austria, Mary Mitford on
  Napoleon III.’s negotiations with
Autobiography, G. Eliot on
Autograph collectors
Autolycus, his song
Auvergne, pedestrianising in
  dialect of
Aylmer, Admiral
Azeglio d’Massimo, anecdote of

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