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Charles Foster Kent
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(3) Read and think through the material presented under each paragraph.  This material is arranged under six headings for the convenience of those who wish to follow the plan of daily reading and study.


The books suggested in connection with this course have been carefully selected in order that each person may have for his individual use a practical working library.  The following should be at hand for constant reference.

Kent, C. F., The Historical Bible, Vols.  I and II.  Contains the important Biblical passages arranged in chronological order and provided with the historical, geographical and archaeological notes required for their clear understanding.  The translation is based on the oldest manuscripts and embodies the constructive results of modern Biblical research.  New York, $1.00 each.

Jenks, J. W., Principles of Politics.  New York, $1.25.  Prepared to explain the principles by which political action is governed and thus to aid thoughtful citizens both to gain a clear outlook on life and wisely to direct their own political activity.

Aristotle, Politics.  The greatest masterpiece of scientific political thought.  Its different point of view will suggest many illuminating comparisons between Greek and modern political ideals and institutions and give the reader a broad basis for the appreciation of that which is essential and enduring in the statecraft of all ages. $2.50.

For further parallel study the following books are suggested: 

Breasted, J. H., History of the Ancient Egyptians.  Clear, concise and authoritative.  New York, $1.25.

Bryce, James, The American Commonwealth, Vols.  I, II.  New York, $2.00 each.  Best commentary on American Government.

Cooper, C. S., The Bible and Modern Life.  Presents the point of view from which the Bible may most profitably be studied and contains valuable suggestions regarding the organization and work of college and adult classes.  New York, $1.25.

Driver, S. R., Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament.  New York, $2.50.  A sane, thorough study of the origin, history, and contents of the Old Testament books.’

Goodspeed, G. S., History of the Babylonians and Assyrians.  New York, $1.25.  A comprehensive and attractive picture of the life of these ancient people.

Hadley, A. T., Standards of Public Morality.  New York, $1.00.  A suggestive study of the application of moral principles to the life of society.

Hastings, James, Dictionary of the Bible, Vols. 1-5.  New York, $6.00 each.  A summary of the historical, literary, geographical and archaeological facts which constitute the background of the life and thought of the Bible.

Kent, C. F., The Beginnings of Hebrew History and Israel’s Historical and Biographical Narratives. (Vols.  I and II of Student’s Old Testament.) $2.75 each.  Presents in a clear, modern translation the original sources incorporated in the historical books of the Old Testament, the origin and literary history of these books, and the important parallel Babylonian and Assyrian literature.

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