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Charles Foster Kent
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STUDY IV.  THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. The Story of the Great Flood, Gen. 6-9

1.  The Two Biblical Accounts of the Flood. 2.  The Corresponding Babylonian Flood Stories. 3.  History of the Biblical Flood Stories. 4.  Aim of the Biblical Writers in Recounting the Flood Stories. 5.  The Survival of the “Fittest” in the Natural World. 6.  In Social and Political Life.

Study V. The PIONEER’S influence upon A nation’s ideal.  Abraham, the Traditional Father of the Race, Gen. 12:1-8; 13:1-13; 16; 18; 19; 21:1-7; 22:1-19

1.  The Reasons for Migration. 2.  The Prophetic Stories about Abraham. 3.  The Meaning of the Early Prophetic Stories about Abraham. 4.  The Prophetic Portrait of Abraham. 5.  The Tendency to Idealize National Heroes. 6.  The Permanent Value and Influence of the Abraham Narratives.

STUDY VI.  THE POWER OF AMBITION.  Jacob the Persistent, Gen. 25:10-33:20

1.  The Two Brothers, Jacob and Esau. 2.  The Man with a Wrong Ambition. 3.  Jacob’s Training in the School of Experience. 4.  The Invincible Power of Ambition and Perseverance. 5.  The Different Types of Ambition. 6.  The Development of Right Ambitions.

STUDY VII.  A SUCCESSFUL MAN OF AFFAIRS.  Joseph’s Achievements, Gen. 37; 39-48; 50

1.  The Qualities Essential to Success. 2.  The Limitations and Temptations of Joseph’s Early Life. 3.  The Call of a Great Opportunity. 4.  The Temptations of Success. 5.  The Standards of Real Success. 6.  The Methods of Success.

STUDY VIII.  THE TRAINING OF A STATESMAN.  Moses in Egypt and the Wilderness, Ex. 1:1-7:5

1.  The Egyptian Background. 2.  The Making of a Loyal Patriot. 3.  The School of the Wilderness. 4.  Moses’ Call to Public Service. 5.  The Education of Public Opinion. 6.  The Training of Modern Statesmen.

STUDY IX.  THE ORIGIN AND GROWTH OF LAW.  Moses’ Work as Judge and Prophet, Ex. 18:5-27; 33:5-11

1.  The Needs that Give Rise to Law. 2.  The Growth of Customary Law. 3.  The Authority Underlying all Law. 4.  Moses’ Relations to the Old Testament Laws. 5.  The Development of Modern Law. 6.  The Attitude of Citizens toward the Law.


1.  The History of the Prophetic Decalogue. 2.  Obligations of the Individual to God. 3.  The Social and Ethical Basis of the Sabbath Law. 4.  The Importance of Children’s Loyalty to Parents. 5.  Primary Obligations of Man to Man. 6.  The Present-day Authority of the Ten Commandments.

Study XI.  The early training of A race.  Israel’s Experience in the Wilderness and East of the Jordan, Num. 11-14; 21:21-31; 32:39-42

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