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dead selves to higher things.  The troubles of the child, the broken toy, the slight from a friend, the failure of an expected holiday, are mole-hills to be sure, but in his circumscribed horizon they take an Alpine magnitude.  His strength for climbing is in the gristle, nor has he philosophy to console him when blocked by the inevitable.  When the child becomes a man his troubles are larger, but to surmount them he has an increment of spiritual vigour, which should swell with passing years.  He lives in vain who fails to learn to bear and forbear serenely.  For human society, and for the individuals that compose it, the happy time lies not behind but before, and I invite the gentle reader to accept with me the wise and kind thought of Rabbi Ben Ezra, now growing trite on the lips of men because we feel it to be true: 

  “Grow old along with me. 
  The best is yet to be,—­
  The last of life for which the first was made. 
  Our times are in His hand
  Who saith a whole is planned. 
  Youth shows but half.  Trust God; see all;
  Nor be afraid.”



Agassiz, Alexander, in college, 287; leads to the adoption of crimson as the Harvard colour, 289; as captain of industry, 289; as scientist, 290; as philanthropist, 293 Agassiz, Louis, in 1851, 283; as scientist and teacher, 284; his strength and limitations, 287 Alcott, A. Bronson, at Concord, 249 Alcott, Louisa M., in young womanhood, 237; as writer for children, 238 Andrew, John A., Governor of Massachusetts, 22; his speech to the selectmen, 24 Antioch College, in the sixties, 67; dramatics at, 71


Bancroft, George, at Berlin, 162; his love for roses, 165; at Washington, 166; as a historical path-breaker, 167 Banks, N.P., a pathetic figure, his rise and fall, 38 Barlow, Francis C., in college, 57; as a soldier, 61; after the war, 65 Bartlett, W.P., as a soldier, 54 Battle-fields, as places of interest, 316 Berlin, in 1870, 110 Brooks, Phillips, as a youth, 255; in comic opera, 257; at the Harvard Commemoration, 260; his breadth of spirit, 261; at Lowell’s funeral, 262 Bryce, James, his home in London, 194 Buffalo, in 1840, 1 Bunsen, the chemist, at Heidelberg, 266 Butler, B.F., at New Orleans, 41


  Churchill, Lord Randolph, 198
  Churchill, Winston, 200
  Clark, James B., of Mississippi, 54
  Concord, the town of, 233
  Cox, Jacob D., 34
  Curtius, Ernst, at Berlin, 206


Dancer, the, at the Koenigs-See, 310; at Salzburg, 313 Douglas, Stephen A., in his prime, 6; supports Lincoln in 1861, 8 Dramatics, at Antioch College, 71; in the schools of England, 80 in the schools of France, 76; in the schools of Germany, 72


Eliot, President C.W., as an oarsman, 223 Emerson, Ralph Waldo, in his prime, 246; his hospitality, 248; and Walt Whitman, 250; in old age, 253 Eupeptic musings, 332 Everett, Edward, his conservatism, 16; as an off-hand speaker, 17


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