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Republished in Edward Arber’s work, The First Three English Books on America, Birmingham, 1885.

De Orbe Novo or the Historie of the West Indies, etc., comprised in eight decades.  Whereof three have beene formerly translated into English by R. Eden, whereunto the other five are newly added by the industries and painfull Travails of M. Lok.  London.  Printed for Thomas Adams, 1612.

The Historie of the West Indies, containing the Actes and Adventures of the Spaniards which have conquered and settled those countries, etc.  Published in Latin by Mr. Hakluyt and translated into English by Mr. Lok, London.  Printed for Andrew Hebb.  The book bears no date, but was printed in 1625.

Opus Epistolarum Petri Martyris Anglerii Mediolanensia.  Amstelodami Typis Elzivirianis, Veneunt Parisiis apud Fredericum Leonard. 1670.

De Orbe Novo Petri Martyris Anglerii, regio rerum indicarum senatu, Decades octo, quas scripsit ab anno 1493 ad 1526.  Edition published at Madrid by Don Joaquin Torres Asensio, domestic prelate and canon of the cathedral, in 1892.  Two vols. octavo.

De Orbe Novo de Pierre Martyr Anghiera.  Les huit Decades traduites du latin avec notes et commentaires, par Paul Gaffarel, Paris.  MDCCCCVII.


PHILIPPI ARGELATI:  Bononiensis, Bibliotheca Scriptorum
.  Mediolani, MDCCXLV.

PICCINELLI:  Ateneo di Letterati Milanesi.  Milano, 1670.


GIROLAMO TIRABOSCHI:  Storia della Letteratura Italiana.  Modena, 1772.

R.P.  NICERON:  Memoires pour servir a l’histoire des hommes illustres dans la Republique des Lettres, Paris, 1745.

GIOVANNI MAZZUCHELLI:  Gli Scrittori d’Italia.  Brescia, 1753-1763.

NICOLAI ANTONII:  Bibliotheca Hispana nova sive Hispanorum Scriptorum.  Madrid, 1783.

FABRICII:  Bibliotheca Latina mediae et infimae latinitatis.  Padua, 1754. Coleccion de Documentos ineditos para la historia de Espana, tom, xxxix.

JUAN B. MUNOZ:  Historia, de nuevo mundo. 1793.

L. VON RANKE:  Zur Kritik neuerer Geschichtsschreiber. 1824.

A. DE HUMBOLDT:  Examen critique de l’histoire de la geographie du nouveau continent. 1837.

WASHINGTON IRVING:  Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus.

H. HALLAM:  Introduction to the Literature of Europe. 1839.

WM. PRESCOTT:  Conquest of Mexico; History of Ferdinand and Isabella.

SIR A. HELPS:  The Spanish Conquest in America. 1867.

M. PASCAL D’AVEZAC:  Les Decades de Pierre Martyr, etc. (Bulletin de la Societe de Geographie, tom. xiv.  Paris 1857-)

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