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[Note 7:  The King instructed his ambassador in Rome to propose Luis Figueroa to succeed Alessandro Geraldino as bishop of Santo Domingo and Concepcion, and for the vacant abbacy of Jamaica presentareis de nuestra parte al protonotario Pedro Martir de nuestro Consejo.  Dejando tambien Martir el priorado de Granada que posee, etc.  Coleccion de Indias. vii., 449.]

[Note 8:  Cantu, Storia Universale, tom, i., p. 900.]

In the month of June, 1526, the Court took up its residence in Granada with Peter Martyr, as usual, in attendance.  Before the walls of Moorish Granada he had begun his career in Spain; within the walls of Christian Granada he was destined to close it and be laid to his final rest.  A sufferer during many years from a disease of the liver, he was aware of his approaching end, and made his will on September 23,[9] bequeathing the greater part of the property he had amassed to his nephews and nieces in Lombardy, though none of his friends and servants in Spain was forgotten.  He devoted careful attention to the preparations for his funeral; eminently a friend of order and decorum, he left nothing to chance, but provided for the precise number of masses to be said, the exact amount of wax to be consumed, and the kind of mourning liveries to be worn by his servants.  He asked that his body should be borne to its grave by the dean and the canons of the cathedral, an honour to which his dignity of prior of that chapter entitled him; but in order to ensure the chapter’s participation, as he quaintly expressed it, “with more goodwill,” he set aside a legacy of three thousand maravedis as compensation.  Not only were his wishes in this and all respects carried out, but the cathedral chapter erected a tablet to his memory, upon which an epitaph he would not have disdained was inscribed:  Rerum AEtate Nostra Gestarum—­Et Novi Orbis Ignoti Hactenus—­Illustratori Petro Martyri Mediolanensi—­Caesareo Senatori—­Qui, Patria Relicta—­Bella Granatensi Miles Interfuit—­Mox Urbe Capta, Primum Canonico—­Deinde Priori Hujus Ecclesiae—­Decanus Et Capitulum—­Carissimo Collegae Posuere Sepulchrum—­Anno MDXXVI.[10]

[Note 9:  His last will was published in the Documentos Ineditos, tom, xxxix., pp. 400-414.]

[Note 10:  Harrisse, in his Christoph Colomb, fixes upon the 23d or 24th of September as the date of Martyr’s death, believing that his last will was executed on his deathbed.  There is, however, nothing that absolutely proves that such was the fact.  The epitaph gives but the year.  In the Documentos Ineditos the month of September is given in one place, that of October in another.]


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