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                                   possible after the soldier is
                                   wounded.  The whole of the
                                   German wounded now in hospitals
                                   have not yet, therefore, been
                                   included in casualty lists—­the
                                   casualties which are forcing
                                   the Germans to employ every
                                   kind of labour they can
                                   enslave or enroll from
                                   Belgium, Poland, France,
                                   and now from their own
                                   people from sixteen up to
                                   sixty years of age of both

10.  It would prove interesting For obvious reasons I to learn the name of the decline to subject my “patriotic German Statesman,” friend to the certain who is said to cherish the punishment that would follow same opinions as this writer disclosure of his name. in the Daily Mail.

I regret to burden readers with a chapter so personal to myself, but I think that anyone who studies these German denials with the preceding chapter on the Contalmaison wounded will learn at least as much about the German mind as he would by studying the famous British White paper of August, 1914.



Three factors are of chief importance in estimating German man-power.  First, the number of men of military age; second, the number of these that are indispensable in civil life; third, the number of casualties.  Concerning the last two there are great differences of opinion among military critics in Allied and neutral countries.  As regards the first there need be little difference, although I confess surprise at the number of people I have met who believe the grotesque myth that Germany has systematically concealed her increase in population, and that instead of being a nation of less than seventy millions she has really more than one hundred millions.

It is safe to say that at the outbreak of war Germany was a nation of 68,000,000, of whom 33,500,000 were males.  Of these nearly 14,000,000 were between 18 and 45; 350,000 men over 45 are also with the Colours.  The boys who were then 16 and 17 can now be added, giving us a grand total of some 15,000,000.

Normally Germany employed men of between 18 and 45 as follows:—­Mines, 600,000; metals, 800,000; transport, 650,000; agriculture, 3,000,000; clothing, food preparation, 1,000,000, making a total of 6,050,000.

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