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  on the Hui-hui sects;
  on the Alan;
  on branch of Volga Bulgars. 
Rofia palm (sagus ruffia).
Roiaus dereusse (?). 
Rome, the Sudarium at.
Rondes, ingenious but futile explanation of.
Rook, in Chess. 
Rori-Bakkar, Sepoy name for Upper Sind. 
Rosaries, Hindu. 
Rostof and Susdal, Andrew, Grand Duke of. 
Roth, H. Ling, on couvade
Roxana, daughter of Darius, wife of Alexander. 
Roze de l’Acur. 
Rubies, Balas,
  of Ceylon;
  of Adam’s Peak. 
Rubruquis, or Rubruc, Friar William de. 
Ruby mines in Badakhshan. 
Ruc (Rukh), or Gryphon, bird called, described,
  its feathers and quills;
  wide diffusion and various forms of fable;
  eggs of the Aepyornis;
  Fra Mauro’s story;
  genus of that bird, condor;
  discovery of bones of Harpagornis in New Zealand;
  Sindbad, Rabbi Benjamin, romance of Duke Ernest;
  Ibn Batuta’s sight of Ruc;
  rook in chess;
  various notices of. 
Rudbar-i-Lass, Robbers’ River.
——­ (Reobarles), district and River. 
Rudder, single, noted by Polo as peculiar,
  double, used in Mediterranean. 
Rudkhanah-i-Duzdi (Robbers’ River). 
Rudkhanah-i-Shor (Salt River). 
Rudra Deva, King of Telingana. 
Rudrama Devi, Queen of Telingana. 
Rukh, Shah. 
Rukhnuddin, Mahmud, Prince of Hormuz.
——­ Masa’ud.
——­ Khurshah, son of Alaodin, Prince of the Ismaelites. 
Ruomedam-Ahomet, King of Hormuz. 
Rupen, Bagratid, founder of Armenian State in Cilicia. 
Rupert, Prince. 
Rueppell’s Table of Abyssinian kings. 
Russia (Rosia), annexes Georgia,
  great cold, Arab accounts of;
  silver mines;
  subject to Tartars;
  conquered by Batu.
——­ leather,
  clothes of. 
Russians, trusty lieges of king. 
Rusticiano of Pisa,
  introduces himself in prologue;
  writes down Polo’s book;
  extracts and character of his compilation;
  his real name;
  his other writings. 
Ruysch’s map.

Saba (Sava, Savah), city of the Magi. 
Sabaste, see Sivas. 
Sable, its costliness. 
Sachiu (Sha-chau). 
Sacrifices of people of Tangut.
——­ human.
Sadd-i-Iskandar, rampart of Alexander. 
Saffron, fruit-serving purposes of. 
Sagacity of sledge-dogs. 
Sagamon Borcan, see Sakyamuni Buddha. 
Sagatu, general of Kublai’s. 
Saggio (1/6 oz.). 
Saianfu, see Siang-yang-fu. 
Saif Arad, king of Abyssinia. 
Saifuddin Nazrat, ruler of Hormuz. 
Saimur (Chaul). 
Sain Khan (or Batu). 
St. Anno of Cologne. 
St. Barlaam and St. Josafat, story of Buddhist christianised. 
St. Barsauma (Barsamo, Brassamus), and monastery of. 
St. Blasius (Blaise), Church at Sivas. 
St. Brandon. 
St. Buddha! 
St. Epiphanius. 

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