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But to resoom.  Here we stood in that splendid temple which was the wonder of the world, and see the tabernacle the old Hebrews carried with ’em through the parted waves of the Red Sea and their journeyin’s through the wilderness for forty years, led by the pillow of fire.

What feelin’s I had as I looked on it and meditated, what riz up feelin’s them old four fathers that carried it must have had, and them that follered on, led as they wuz by heavenly light, fed by heavenly food.  How could they acted as they did, rambelous often and often, wanderin’ from the right road, but still not gittin’ away from the Divine care.

And there wuz a picture forty feet long, as long as our barn, showing the old Hebrews encamped before Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Law that rules the world to-day (more or less).  Heaven drawin’ so nigh to earth that hour that its light fallin’ on Moseses face made it too glorious for mortal eyes to look on.

And I’dno but one of them mountains we see wuz where Moses stood after his forty years journey, castin’ wishful eyes onto the Promised Land, not bein’ able to enter in because of some past error and ignorance.  And I thought, as I stood there, how many happy restin’ places we plan and toil for and then can’t enter in and possess through some past error and mistake caused by ignorance as dense as Moseses ignorance.  What a lot of emotions I had thinkin’ this, and how on top of another mount the great prophet and law-giver wuz not, for God took him.

I wuz lost and by the side of myself, but Josiah’s voice reached me up in the realm of Reverie and brought me back.

“What ails you, Samantha?  Do you lay out to stand here all day?” And I tore myself away.

Well, there wuz movin’ pictures describin’ the Holy Land and we see ’em move, and dissolvin’ views of the same and we see ’em dissolve, and at last Josiah got so worrisome I had to go on with him.  We laid out to stop to Japan and France, they bein’ right on our way, and I sez, “We might as well stop at Morrocco.”  For as I told Josiah, while we wuz travelin’ through foreign countries we might as well see what we could of the people, their looks and habits.

But he sez to once, “You don’t want to buy any Morrocco shues, Samantha, they don’t wear nigh so well as calf-skin and cost as much agin.”  And sez he, “We won’t have more than time to go through Japan and France and do justice to ’em.”  So we went on.


The Japan exhibit is on a beautiful hill south of Machinery Palace.  There are seven large buildin’s besides the small pagodas and all filled with objects of interest.  It seems as if the hull kingdom of Japan must have taken hold to make this display what it is.  And how they could do it with a big war goin’ on in their midst is a wonder, and shows beyend words what wonderful people the Japans are.

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