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Josiah, who wuz real interested here, sez, “I’d love to have brother Gowdey step in here a minute; he’s proud as a peacock of his strip of woodland, he thought he covered the hull field of forestry with his wood pulp and maple sugar.  I guess his pride would be took down a little.”

“Well,” sez I, “let’s look on it as showin’ the greatness and wonder of Providence and be humble and admire.”

“I shall look at it as I’m a minter!” he sez.  But I guess he wuz more reverential for a spell.

And there wuz all the plants and leaves used in medicine, and mushrooms, truffles, seeds and plants and implements for gathering and preserving; drying houses, nurseries, basket work, grass work.  It seemed as if everything that could be known about trees and plants could be learnt here, and though we knowed we hadn’t time or convenience to take all the knowledge in, no, our heads wuzn’t big enough, but they felt crowded full as we left this buildin’.  And that I felt wuz the crownin’ glory of this fair, the new idees and knowledge of better ways and things that wuz learnt in all these exhibits, and wuz destined in the future to bear fruit and bless the world.

In the Fishery department we see all the products of the great water world that makes up more than half of our earth.  Every kind of fish that ever swum, from a whale to a minnie, salt water and fresh water fish, and them that are half fish and half animal, and aquatic birds and aquatic plants of all kinds, and plants that seem half way between vegetable and animal.  Sea grass, shells of all kinds, pearls, pearl-shells, corals, sponges, skins and furs, illustrations, paintings and casts illustrating water life of all kinds, fishing grounds.  All kinds of boats, nets, traps, rods, reels, lines, fish curing establishments, aquariums, and so and so on and so on, and I might write them “so ons,” indefinitely but what would be the use?

Jest imagine everything that is discovered and brought to light by them that go down to the sea in ships and there it wuz.


West of the forestry buildin’ growin’ right out of the ground is a immense map of the United States covering five acres of ground, gravel walks mark the State and coast lines, and each State is sot out in its own native flowers.

There it wuz, you could look right down onto it jest like a map, from the rocky shores of Maine down to Florida.

Josiah wuz simply infatuated with the sight and I myself thought it wuz a great idee and I sez: 

“Josiah, this is a plan worthy of Uncle Sam to immortalize what is dearest to him in living colors.”

“Yes, indeed!” sez he, and after a minute’s thought he added, “Others can foller suit and set them that are dearest to ’em out-doors.  If I live till another spring, Samantha,” sez he firmly, “I will set you out in the paster.  The dooryard would be too small to do justice to you.  Ury and I will plant you in the middle of the ten acre lot.”

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