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“A vest and coat cut low neck would make a man look dressy, and he believed he should have one made for best.”

I looked coldly at him and said it looked bad enough to see young folks dress in that way without old folks cuttin’ up and actin’.

Lots of the statutes would looked as well agin if they’d had me to advise ’em about their clothes, but still take the pictures and statutes of the Fair as a hull they’re magnificent and a honor to the nations.  There are a thousand statutes, all beautiful and inspirin’, to be seen there on the Exposition grounds.

I wuz glad to see the statute of Dr. Jenner, who discovered vaccination, tryin’ it first on his own son.  When it is the law for doctors to try their medicine first on their own folks, miscelaneous patients will feel safer.  Dr. Jenner acted honorable toward humanity at large.  I told Josiah I hoped the boy got along well and didn’t git hit on the arm while it wuz sore.

And he said, “I wouldn’t worry over folks I never neighbored with, and I’d better tend to my own companion, who wuz starvin’ slowly by my side.”

He couldn’t been so very hungry havin’ eat so many nut-cakes since breakfast, but I dealt out some more to him.

Well, we stayed in the Art Gallery a long time, so long that Josiah complained bitterly and sez, “If you stay as long in every buildin’ when will we git round to see the Pike?” Truly Josiah longed for that place day by day, but as first chaperone of the party I tried to delay him from goin’, knowin’ that it must come sometime but gladly puttin’ off the day.

But I sez soothin’ly, “I shan’t want to stay so long at any other place.”  And it bein’ past our lunch time we went and had a good meal, and of course Josiah’s crossness subsided with every mouthful he took and his liniment looked like a cosset lamb’s in amiability when I proposed we should go to the Fishery Buildin’, it wuzn’t so very fur from there considerin’, though as I have said before every place is a good ways off from anywhere else.  You’d have knowed the buildin’ by the great fish that wuz sculped over the entrance.  It wuz a bigger fish than wuz ever lied about in male fish stories, and that’s sayin’ enough; connected with this is also an exhibit of forestry and game.  We went into the part devoted to forestry first, there are several acres outdoors as well as inside devoted to this display, and what didn’t we see there in trees, plants, woods of every kind, forest growth tree planting, all sorts of useful wood, pine, spruce, hemlock, cedar, all the hard woods, and everything made of wood; wood pulp, barrels, baskets, turpentine, alcohol.

In the United States exhibit wuz immense pictures illustrating our forests, methods of lumbering, lumber camps, forest fires, etc., etc.  There wuz displays of different species of trees and plants, forest botany, structure and anatomy of woods, saw-mills, seeds and plants of all kinds, and all the different woods and products of wood from Egypt to Japan, barks, roots, cork, rubber, gums, oils, quinine, camphor, varnish, wax, dye-woods, lumber, staves, why there wuz over two hundred different kinds of wood from Argentina alone.

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