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“Well, tain’t no time or place for preachin’, we better be gittin’ along!”

Right under the main Cascade we went down into a beautiful grotto all lighted up, with one hull side of the room made of fallin’ water.  I never expected to step into such a place.  I have felt perfectly satisfied when I’ve papered over my dining-room with paper a shillin’ a roll, and it did look well.  But what wuz it to this?  Refreshments are served down there clost to the sparklin’ liquid side of the room, and Josiah wantin’ to go the hull figure, set down and eat a nut-cake which I gin him.

They say stimulants can be obtained down here.  And mebby they can, them that seek can generally find, there wuz a serpent in Paradise; but I didn’t see any, I spoze the noble look on my face would dant any dealer in such pizen from displayin’ it to me.  And it ain’t likely that Josiah with two chaperones would set eyes on any.


The two side cascades represent the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  Josiah sez in a kinder patronizing way, “They’re likely Cascades, but I can’t see in what way they represent oceans.”

And I sez, “It hain’t for you to know everything, Josiah, you hain’t expected to.  Such knowledge would be more than you with your small frame could stand up under.”

“Oh, keep throwin’ my size in my face.  It’s a pity I hain’t a giraffe, then mebby I’d suit you.”  And he added snappishly, “I’ll bet you can’t tell yourself how they look like oceans.”

And I sez, “I wuz never any hand to tell all I knew, I always thought it wuz best to keep one story back.”

But to tell the truth I couldn’t see how they represented oceans, only they wuz both water, but so is a teacupful of water, or a spunful.  Another way they differed from the ocean, the water hain’t there all the time, only once in awhile.  Josiah, bent on findin’ fault, sez: 

“Pretty oceans they be!  Dry land most all the time.”

But I sez, “I’ve always wished the Atlantic would dry up long enough for me to go over afoot or with the old mair, like the Israelites over the Red Sea, I’d start to-morry.”  I’m afraid of deep water.  Why half the time I’m afraid of our creek and dassent go acrost the foot bridge.

But the water wuz there when we see ’em, and the Cascades wuz beautiful as a dream and more beautiful than lots of mine, specially when I’m tired out.

As to representin’ the two oceans, I spoze it means them beautiful golden tinted statutes, the Spirit of the Atlantic and the Spirit of the Pacific that stands at the head of the Cascades.

Well, we hung round there a long time, and finally at my request we went into Festival Hall and sot down a spell and rested.  And I thought as I sot there I’d like to ask Sister Gowdey how big she thought this buildin’ wuz.  She would never dream it covered two hull acres, but it duz, three or four thousand people can set in it, and its organ is the biggest in the world, more than ten thousand pipes in it and each pipe as full of music as an egg is of meat.

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