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But good land!  Mr. Solomon never had any sights to show Miss Sheba approachin’ this Fair, I wouldn’t been afraid to take my oath on’t.

We riz the flight of steps which hundreds and hundreds could rise similtaneously and abreast, paid our three fares and went in.  And when you first stand inside of that gate the beauty jest strikes you in your face some like a great flash of lightnin’, only meller and happifyin’ instead of blindin’.

And the vastness of it as you look on every side on you impresses you so you feel sunthin’ as you would if you wuz sot down on the Desert of Sara, and Sara wuz turned into vistas of bewilderin’ beauty towards every pint of her compass.

There wuz broad, smooth paths leadin’ out on every side all on ’em full of folks from every country in the world, and clad in every costoom you ever see or ever didn’t see before.  Folks in plain American dress side by side with dark complected folks wropped up seemin’ly in white sheets, jest their black-bearded faces and flashin’ eyes gleamin’ at you from the drapery.  Then there would be mebby a pretty young girl with a rose-bud face under a lace parasol.  Two sweet-faced nuns in sombry black with their pure white night caps on under their clost black bunnets and veils, and follerin’ them some fierce lookin’ creeters in red baggy trousers embroidered jackets and skull caps with long tossels on ’em; Persians mebby, or Arabs.

As Josiah looked at these last I hearn him murmur as if to himself, “Why under the sun didn’t Samantha put in my dressin’ gown with tossels, and the smokin’ cap Thomas J. gin me, I could showed off some then.”

But I pretended not to hear him for my eyes wuz fastened on the passin’ pageant.  Smart lookin’ bizness men with handsome well-dressed wives and children, then a Injun with striped blanket, beaded moccasins and head-dress of high feathers.  Then a American widder, mebby a plain one, and mebby grass; then some more wimmen.  Then some Chinamen with long dresses and pig-tails follered by some gawky, awkwud country folks; some more smart-lookin’ Americans.  Some English tourists with field-glasses strapped over one shoulder.  Some Fillipinos in yellerish costoom.  Then a kodak fiend ready to aim at anything or nothin’ and hit it; then some Scotchmen in Tarten dress and follerin’ clost some Japans, lots and lots of them scattered along.  Then some brown children and their mothers, the children dressed mostly in a sash and some beads, and some more pretty white children dressed elaborate, and some niggers, and some soldiers, and some more wimmen, and more folks, and some more, and some more, in a stiddy and endless stream.

Good land!  I couldn’t sort out and describe them that passed by in an hour even, no more than I could sort out and describe the slate stuns in Jonesville creek, and you well know that wagon loads could be took out of one little spot.

Josiah said to me, “Why jest to look at this crowd, Samantha, pays anybody for comin’ here clear from the Antipathies.”

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