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Not that I am one of them who when fur away from home dash out into forbidden paths and dissipation, but I didn’t consider peppermint sling wrong anyway, there hain’t much stimulant to it.

Well, we started out for the Fair in pretty good season in the mornin’, Billy Huff offered to go and put us on the right car, so he walked ahead with Blandina, Josiah and I follerin’ clost in their rears.  Blandina looked up at him and follered his remarks as clost and stiddy as a sunflower follers the sun.  She had told me that mornin’ whilst I wuz gittin’ ready to start that he wuz the loveliest young man she had ever met, and a woman would be happy indeed who won him for her consort.  And I said, as I pinned my collar on more firmly with my cameo pin, that I presoomed that he would make a good man and pardner when he growed up.

And she said, “Difference in age don’t count anything when there is true love.”  Sez she, “Look at Aaron Burr and Lord Baconsfield,” and she brung up a number more for me to look at mentally, whilst I wuz drapin’ my mantilly round my frame in graceful folds.

But I told her I didn’t seem to want to spend my time on them old ghosts that mornin’, havin’ such a big job on my hands to tackle that day as first chaperone to Josiah, and I got her mind off for the time bein’, by the time I had fastened on my mantilly so the tabs hung as I wanted ’em to hang.


Josiah wuz for goin’ into the show by the entrance nighest to Miss Huff’s, but I said, “No, that may do for other times, but when I first enter this Fair ground as a Observer” (for in our visit to the Inside Inn we wuz only weary wayfarers, too tired to observe, and the Sabbath we felt wuz no time to jot down impressions).  No, this day I felt wuz in reality our dayboo, and I sez impressively, “I will not go sneakin’ in by any side door or winder, I’m goin’ to enter by the main gateway.”

Josiah kinder hummed: 

“Broad is the road that leads to death
And thousands walk together there.”

But when he found we could go in there at the same price he didn’t parley further, and Billy took us to the car that would leave us where I wanted to be.

The main entrance is in itself a noble sight worth goin’ milds and milds to see, a long handsome buildin’ curvin’ round gracefully some in shape like a mammoth U only bendin’ round more at the ends, and endin’ with handsome buildin’s, and tall pillars decorate the hull length and flags wave out nobly all along on top.

Mebby it wuz meant for a U and meant Union, a name good enough for entrance into anything or anywhere.  And if it wuz I approved on’t, and would encouraged ’em by tellin’ ’em so if they’d asked me beforehand.  Union! a name commandin’ world-wide respect, writ in blue and gray on millions of hearts, sealed with precious blood.

The centre of the long buildin’ peaks up and arches over you in such a lofty and magnificent way that you feel there some as Miss Sheba must have felt when she went to visit Mr. and Miss Solomon or the Misses Solomon, I spoze I ort to say, he had a variety of wives, though it is nothin’ I ever approved on, and would told him so if I’d had the chance.

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