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I wuz glad enough to see it, it seems to bring us nigher to the day of justice and true liberty for all.  That glorious day hain’t dawned yet (wimmen are still classed in law with idiots, criminals and lunaticks).  But by standin’ on tip-toe I can catch a faint glow in the East showin’ that the day is goin’ to break in rosy splendor bime-by.

I cant begin to tell jest where we went or what we see, enough ’tennyrate I felt to last me through life, but time hurried on jest as usual and brought the last days of our stay here.

I told Josiah that I never would go home without seein’ President Francis and thankin’ him for the treat he’d gin us.

Josiah didn’t want to go but I sez, “David will expect it of me, it’s only showin’ him common politeness.  You know I brought the children up to always thank the folks that entertained ’em.  And such a entertainment as this!  Do you spoze I am goin’ to slight and mortify him by not noticin’ it and thankin’ him?  No, indeed!”

Josiah argyed and said that “he guessed if everybody follered David up and thanked him he would have his hands full.”

“But,” I sez, “Other folks can do as they’re a mind to, I shall do my duty,” so I went up to his office follered by a onwillin’ Josiah, and advanced towards him where he sot alone at his desk.

He’s a dretful handsome man, sometimes smart men are humbly, and it is a treat to find one that combines beauty, smartness, and faculty, for it took more than smartness alone to plan this show, it took faculty and tack, sights and sights of tack.  For as I told him, after I’d introduced myself and shook hands cordially with him, sez I: 

“I couldn’t leave without thankin’ you for the great treat you’ve gin us, and to tell you how I appreciate what you’ve done for us.”  Sez I, “I’m a housekeeper and know what it is to fix up for company and how much work it is to git two or three rooms and the front steps and door yard all right for half a dozen folks for jest one afternoon, and then to clear up and ornament as you have more’n twelve hundred acres, and have so many visitors come right onto you and settle down for a six months’ stay, I don’t see how you stand it.

“Why last winter I had six of the relation on my side and on hisen, snowbound to our house for a week, and I thought I should go distracted tryin’ to keep the house clean, and suit ’em all in vittles, and some on ‘em jealous thinkin’ I gin the others a better bed, and the other relation comin’ in to see ’em and kinder disputin’ and twittin’ ’em as relation will, and kinder jealous of me because they wuz visitin’ me instead of them, and my folks callin’ me extravagant in vittles—­I had a dretful time.  And what wuz it compared to what you’re goin’ through with fifteen thousand visitors settlin’ right down on you for a six months’ visit, some on ’em smart and high headed, some not knowin’ putty, some good-natered and easy to please, some quarrelsome, some awful petickular and fussy about their vittles, some that will eat dogs, some too dressy, some that will go most naked, and hundreds of millions comin’ and goin’ all the time, and more than thirty millions of your own folks complainin’ and sassin’ you as your own folks will.  Payin’ out fifty millions and mebby called extravagant for it—­why what a time you’re havin’!

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