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But to resoom.  There wuz the skin housen of the Indians from Mexico and the display of the Ainu tribes from Japan; red negroes from Central Africa, and all the Indian tribes left in North America, so fast meltin’ away like the leaves of the forest before the march of winter.  Basket makers from California and Arizonia, bead workers, arrow workers, all carryin’ on their work before us and goin’ through their ceremonies and playin’ their games.

And there wuz the tradin’ post, with the agent cheatin’ the Injuns jest as nateral as life, so I spoze.  Mexico had a wonderful collection, native books on Maguey paper, amulets of gold, sculpture, carved idols, remarkable lookin’, though I wouldn’t worship one on ’em not for a dollar bill.

Egypt, where Civilization first started, had to crumple down and send her best treasures to the fur away West.  Oh, how fur, how fur Civilization has traveled since she left the Lotus land.  And she hadn’t better set down yet and fold her hands.  She’s got a good many jobs before her that I could pint out to her right here in America.

And there wuz a hull Egyptian tomb, mummies, ancient pottery, necklaces and beads took out of old Egyptian tombs.  Oh, where wuz the throbbin’ hearts that beat agin them with boundin’ life and joy?  So much stronger and greater than the fragile things, yet gone to dust and ashes centuries ago, while these senseless toys outlive ’em and are brought thousands of milds to be looked on by a strange race.  And there wuz scarabes, symbols, strange lookin’ things as I ever see and piles on ’em.

And there wuz a display showing how they first started fire, which they worshipped when first discovered as the Red Flower God, and everything up to its present development.  And so with the earliest attempts at makin’ weapons, blades of bamboo and wood, hammered copper up to the deadly life destroyers of to-day.

And in one room wuz the priceless treasures of the Vatican, and a exquisite collection of the Jubilee presents of the Widder Albert carved ivory gems, beautifully set jewels, fans, feathers, leather work and wrought gold, carved ebony, sandal-wood, embroidered silk and velvet caskets, silver prayer wheel (though she never used it I’ll warrant, no quicker than I would) gold boxes from Africa, Burmah and all her provinces; gold and velvet harnesses and saddle cloths, chains and plumes; a chair of state of carved ivory; kneeling cushion in rich embroidered velvet; elephants’ tusks mounted on ebony and on rosewood; there are thirty cases in all, and as I looked on ’em, lent to this Exposition by his Gracious Majesty, King Edward VII, jest as willin’ as I’d lend sister Bobbett a drawin’ of tea, my feelin’s pretty nigh overpowered me and I almost bust into tears, but knowin’ Josiah’s state of nerves I kep’ up and restrained myself in a measure.

But I noticed Blandina wuz beginin’ to act restless and looked at her watch, and finally she said that Professor Todd had promised to meet her at the Anthropometric Display.

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