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“On hearing my wishes he said, ’Man is made of earth, and we are formed of fire; connection between two such [classes] is very difficult.’  I swore an oath, saying, ’I only desire to see her, and have no other purpose.’  Again the king [of the fairies] replied, ’Man does not adhere to his promises; in time of need he promises everything, but he does not keep it in recollection.  I say this for thy good; for if ever thou formest other wishes, then she and thou wilt be ruined and undone; moreover, it will endanger your lives.’  I repeated my oaths, and added, that whatever could injure both of us, I would never do, and that all I desired was to see her sometimes.  These words were passing [between us], when suddenly, the fairy (of whom we were talking) appeared before us, with much splendour, and completely adorned; and the throne of the king [of the fairies] remounted thence.  I then embraced the fairy with fond eagerness, and repeated this verse:—­

    ’Why should not she of the arched eyebrows come [to my house],
    She for whose sake I have fasted for forty days.’

In that state of felicity we resided together in the garden.  I dreaded through fear to think of other joys; I only tasted the superficial pleasure [of her roseate lips], and constantly gazed upon her charms.  The lovely fairy, seeing me so true to my oath, was surprised within herself, and used sometimes to say, ’O my beloved, you are indeed strictly faithful to your promise; but I will give you, by the way of friendship, a piece of advice; take care of your mystical book; for the jinns, seeing you off your guard, will purloin it some day or other.’  I replied, ‘I guard this book as I would my life.’

“It so happened, that one night Satan led me astray; in a fit of overpowering passion, I said to myself, ’Let happen what will, how long can I restrain myself?’ I clasped the [lovely fairy] to my bosom, and attempted to revel in ecstatic joys.  Instantly, a voice came forth, saying, ’Give me the book, for the great name of God is written in it; do not profane it.’  In that fervour of passion, I was insensible [to every other consideration]; I took the book from my bosom and delivered it, without knowing to whom I gave it, and plunged myself into the fervid joys of love.  The beautiful fairy, seeing my foolish conduct, said, ’Alas! selfish man, thou hast at last transgressed, and forgotten my admonition.’

“On saying this, she became senseless, and I perceived a jinn standing at the head of the bed, who held the magical book in his hand; I attempted to seize him, and beat him severely, and snatch away the book, when in the meantime another appeared, took the book from his hand, and ran off.  I began to repeat the incantations I had learnt.  The jinn, who was still standing near me, became a bull; but, alas! the lovely fairy had not in the least recovered her senses, and that same state of stupor continued.  Then my mind became distracted,

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