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And from this nation, spiritualism has gone abroad into all the earth.  Queen Victoria is almost an insane devotee of the new philosophy.  The late Emperor and Empress of France, the late Queen of Spain, the Roman Pontiff, and the Emperor and Grand Dukes of Russia are all said to have sought to these spirits for knowledge.  Thus it is working its way to the potentates of the earth, and fast preparing to accomplish its real mission, which is, by deceiving the world with its miracles, to gather the nations to the battle of the great day of God Almighty.

Here we pause.  Let this work go on a little longer, as it has been going, and as it is still going, and what a scene is before us!  Having seen so much fulfilled, we cannot now draw back and deny the remainder.  And so we look for the onward march of this last great wonder-working deception, till that is accomplished which in the days of Elijah was a test between Jehovah and Baal, and fire is brought down from heaven to earth in the sight of men.  Then will be the hour of the power of darkness, the hour of temptation that is coming upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the earth.  Rev. 3:10.  Then all will be swept from their anchorage by the strong current of delusion, except those whom it is not possible to deceive—­the elect of God.

And still the world sleeps on, while Satan, with lightning fingers and hellish energy, weaves over them his last fatal snare.  It is time some mighty move was made to waken the world and rouse the church to the dangers we are in.  It is time every honest heart should learn that the only safeguard against the great deception, whose incipient and even well-advanced workings we already behold before our eyes, is to make the truths of God’s holy and immutable word our shield and buckler.

Chapter Nine.

An Image To The Beast.

The imposing miracles wrought before the people having riveted upon them the chains of a fatal deception, leading them to suppose they have witnessed the great power of God, and must therefore be doing him service, when they have only been dazed with a mighty display of Satanic wonders, and are led captive by the devil at his will, they are prepared to do the further bidding of the two-horned beast, which is to make an image to the beast which had the wound by a sword and did live.

Once more we remind the reader of the impregnable strength of the argument already presented in previous chapters, fixing the application of this symbol to these United States.  This is an established proposition, and needs no farther support.  An exposition of the remainder of the prophecy will therefore consist chiefly of an effort to determine what acts are to be performed by this government, and a search for indications, if any exist, that they are about to be accomplished.  If we shall find evidences springing up on all sides, that this government is now moving

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