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As an objection to this view, it may occur to some minds that the two-horned beast exercises all the power of the first beast before him (Greek [Greek:  enopion], literally, before his eyes) and does wonders in his sight; and how can the United States, separated by an ocean from European kingdoms, hold such an intimate relation to them?  We answer, Space and time are annihilated by the telegraph.  Through the Atlantic cable (an enterprise which, by the way, owes its origin to the United States), the lightnings are continually picturing to European beholders the affairs of America.  Any important event occurring here is described the next hour in the journals of Europe.  So far as the transmission of an account of our proceedings to the people of the Old World is concerned, it is as if America lay at the mouth of the English Channel.

And the eyes of all Europe are intently watching our movements.  Says Mr, Townsend (New World and Old, p. 583):—­

“All the great peoples of Europe are curiously interested and amazed in the rise of America, and their rulers at present compete for our friendship.  ‘Europe,’ said the prince Talleyrand, long ago, ’must have an eye on America, and take care not to offer any pretext for recrimination or retaliation.  America is growing every day.  She will become a colossal power, and the time will come when (discoveries enabling her to communicate more easily with Europe) she will want to say a word in our affairs, and have a hand in them.’”

The time has come, and the discoveries have been made to which Talleyrand referred.  It is almost as easy now to communicate with Europe as with our nearest town.  By these things the attention of the world is drawn still more strongly toward us; and thus whatever the United States does, it is done in the sight, yes, even before the eyes, of all Europe.

Chapter Four.

Chronology Of The Two-horned Beast.

Having become satisfied where the power symbolized by the two-horned beast must be located, we now inquire respecting the time when we may look for its development.  At what period in this world’s history is the rise of this power located in the prophecy?  On this point, as on the preceding, the foundation for the conclusions at which we must arrive, is already laid in the facts elicted in reference to the preceding or leopard beast.  It was at the time when this beast went into captivity, or was killed (politically) with the sword, verse 10, or (which we suppose to be the same thing), had one of its heads wounded to death, verse 3, that John saw the two-horned beast coming up.  If the leopard beast, as we have conclusively proved, signifies the papacy, and the going into captivity met its fulfillment in the temporary overthrow of the popedom by the French, in 1798, then we have the time definitely specified, when we are to look for the rising of this power.  The expression, “coming up,” must signify that the power to which it applies was but newly organized, and was then just rising into prominence and influence.  The power represented by this symbol, must, then, be some power which in 1798 stood in this position before the world.

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