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11 Capsicum large red Capsicum annuum 12 -------- yellow Capsicum annuum 13 -------- small red horn Capsicum annuum 14 -------- yellow ditto Capsicum annuum 15 -------- cherry Capsicum annuum 16 -------- Cayenne Capsicum annuum 17 Calceolaria wing-leaved Calceolaria pinnata 18 Convolvulus large-flowered Convolvulus major 19 ----------- minor ----------- tricolor 20 Cockscomb dwarf Celosia cristata 21 --------- tall Celosia cristata 22 --------- branching Celosia cristata 23 --------- buff or yellow Celosia cristata 24 Egg plant white Solanum Melongena 25 --------- purple Solanum Melongena 26 Impomaea Scarlet Impomaea coccinea 27 ------- wing-leaved ------- Quamoclit 28 Ice plant Mesembryanthemum crystallinum 29 Love apple Solanum Lycopersicum 30 Sensitive plant Mimosa pudica 31 Stramonium double purple Datura Metel 32 ---------- Double white ------ v. flore albo

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Adapted to the decoration of rock-work.

The following list comprises a number of plants of great beauty and interest; but, being in general too small for the open borders, are only to be preserved either in pots; planted in rock-work, or in such other places where they are not overgrown by plants of larger size.  There are many others of a similar kind that we grow in gardens, but which, being difficult to keep, we have thought fit not to insert; as persons who try to cultivate such in the open ground have in general the mortification to find that they do not compensate for the care and trouble necessary for preserving them.

1 Ancistrum lucidum             Shining Ancistrum         b.l.
2 --------- laevigatum          Smooth ditto              b.l.
3 --------- latebrosum          Hairy ditto               b.l.
4 Veronica aphylla              Naked-stalked Speedwell   b.l.
5 -------- bellidoides          Daisy-leaved ditto        b.l.


6 Trichonema Bulbocodium Crocus-leaved Trichonema b.l.


7 Asperula crassifolia          Thick-leaved Woodroofe    b.l.
8 Houstonia caerulea            Blue Houstonia            l.
9 Mitchella repens              Creeping Mitchella        l.
10 Plantago alpina              Alpine Plantain           l.
11 -------- subulata            Awl-leaved ditto          l.
12 Cornus canadensis            Herbaceous Dog-wood       b.
13 Alchemilla pentaphylla       Five-leaved Lady’s Mantle b.l.
14 ---------- argentata         Silvery-leaved ditto      b.l.


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