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700 Atriplex Halimus               Sea Purslane                 c.m.
701 Acer tataricum                 Tartarian Maple              c.m.
702 ——­ rubrum                    Scarlet ditto                c.m.
703 ——­ v. pallidum               Pale ditto                   c.m.
704 ——­ saccharinum               Sugar Maple                  c.m.
705 ——­ platanoides               Plane-leaved ditto           c.m.
706 ——­ v. laciniatum             Cut-leaved ditto             c.m.
707 ——­ montanum                  Mountain ditto               c.m.
708 ——­ pensylvanicum             Pennsylvanian ditto          c.m.
709 ——­ monspessulanum            Montpellier ditto            c.m.
710 ——­ creticum                  Cretan ditto                 c.m.
711 ——­ Negundo                   Ash-leaved ditto             c.m.
712 ——­ Opalus                    Italian ditto                c.m.


713 Gleditsia triacanthos          Three-thorned Acacia         c.m.
714 --------- v. horrida           Strong-spined ditto          c.m.
715 --------- v. monosperma        Single-seeded ditto          c.m.
716 Fraxinus rotundifolia          Round-leaved Ash             c.m.
717 -------- excelsior v. crispa   Curled-leaved ditto          c.m.
718 -------- v. diversifolia       Various-leaved ditto         c.m.
719 -------- v. pendula            Weeping Ash                  c.m.
720 -------- v. striata            Striped-barked ditto         c.m.
721 -------- v. variegata          Blotch-leaved ditto          c.m.
722 -------- Ornus                 Flowering ditto              c.m.
723 -------- americana             American ditto               c.m.
724 -------- chinensis             Chinese ditto                c.m.
725 -------- rotundifolia          Round-leaved ditto           c.m.
726 Diospyrus Lotus                Date Plum Tree               c.m.
727 Diospyrus virginiana           Virginian Plum Tree          c.m.
728 Nyssa integrifolia             Mountain Tupello             l.b.
729 ----- denticulata              Water ditto                  l.b.


730 Ficus Garica Common Fig-Tree c.m.

* * * * *


In enumerating the foregoing, as well as the plants of the present section, I have had more than one object in view; being desirous to put in only such plants as were ornamental or curious, at the same time to insert none but what are perfectly hardy; yet, independently of this, to make it sufficiently general, to give to such persons who might wish to study plants scientifically, a sufficient number for examples in every genus.  For this purpose I have retained a portion of the Umbelliferous and other plants.  Although not to be distinguished for their general beauty or appearance, yet they are calculated to afford the student the best plants for comparison, and for that reason I have arranged them according to the Linnaean System.

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