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463 Annona triloba Trifid-fruited Custard Apple b.l.s. 464 Atragena alpina. c.  Alpine Atragena b.l. 465 -------- austriaca. c.  Austrian ditto b.l. 466 Clematis cirrhosa. c.  Evergreen Virgin’s Bower b.l. 467 -------- florida. c.  Large-flowered ditto b.l. 468 -------- flore pleno Double ditto c.m. 469 -------- viticella. c.  Purple-flowered ditto b.l. 470 -------- v. fl. pleno. c.  Double Purple-flowered ditto c.m. 471 -------- crispa. c.  Curled-flowered ditto b.l. 472 -------- orientalis. c.  Eastern ditto b.l. 473 -------- virginiana. c.  Virginian ditto c.m. 474 -------- flammula. c.  Sweet-scented ditto c.m.


475 Teucrium flavum                Yellow Teucrium              l.s.
476 Satureja montana               Winter Savory                c.m.
477 Hyssopus officinalis           Common Hyssop                c.m.
478 Lavandula Spica                Lavender                     c.m.
479 --------- v. flore albo        White-flowered ditto         c.m.
480 --------- Stoechas             French ditto                 c.m.s.
481 Phlomis fruticosa              Jerusalem Sage               c.m.
482 Thymus vulgaris                Common Thyme                 c.m.
483 ------ v. fol. variegat.        Silver Thyme                 c.m.
484 ------ vulgaris. latifolia     Broad-leaved Thyme           c.m.
485 ------ Zygis                   Linear-leaved ditto          c.m.


486 Bignonia Catalpa               Common Catalpa               c.m.
487 -------- radicans              Great trumpet Flower         c.m.
488 -------- v. minor              Small ditto                  c.m.
489 -------- capreolata            Four-leaved ditto            l.s.
490 Vitex Agnus                    Castus Chaste Tree           c.m.
491 ----- v. latifolia             Broad-leaved ditto           c.m.


492 Vella Pseudo-cytisus Shrubby Vella l.s.


493 Hibiscus Syriacus              Althaea Frutex               c.m.
494 -------- v. ruber              Red-flowered ditto           c.m.
495 -------- v. albus              White-flowered ditto         c.m.
496 -------- v. fol. variegat.      Striped-leaved ditto         c.m.
497 -------- v. flore pleno        Double White-flowered ditto  c.m.
498 Stuartia Malacodendron         Common Stuartia              b.l.s.
499 -------- marilandia            Maryland ditto               b.l.s.
500 Gordonia pubescens             Loblolly Bay                 b.l.s.


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