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SECT. 6.  Observations on British Trees and Shrubs

Sect. 7.  Observations on Medicinal Plants contained in the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Pharmacopoeias

Sect. 8.  Observations on Medicinal Plants not in the Pharmacopoeias of the present day

Observations on drying and preserving Plants for medicinal use, &c.

Sect. 9.  Observations on Plants cultivated for culinary purposes

Sect. 10.  Observations on Wild Plants useful for culinary purposes, which are not in cultivation

Sect. 11.  Observations on Plants useful for Dyeing

Sect. 12.  Observations on Plants used in rural oeconomy

Poisonous plants growing in great Britain, And their best recommended

SECT. 13.  Observations on Nauseous Poisonous Plants

Observations on Acrid Poisonous Vegetables

Observations on Stupefying Poisonous Vegetables

Observations on Foetid Poisons

Observations on Drastic Poisons

Observations on Poisonous Fungi, Mushrooms, &c.


SECT. 14.  Observations on Plants noxious to cattle

Sect. 15.  Observations on Annual Weeds, or such as grow wild and do not produce food for cattle

Observations on Weeds with creeping roots

Observations on Perennial Weeds

Sect. 16.  Observations on Exotic Trees and Shrubs, and the soil to which each is best adapted

Sect. 17.  Observations on Foreign Hardy Herbaceous Plants, with the soil which each is found to thrive best in

Sect. 19.  Observations on Hardy Annual Flowers, with the seasons for sowing each

Sect. 20.  Observations on Hardy Biennial Flowers, with their culture

Sect. 21.  Observations on Tender Annual Flowers

Sect. 22.  Observations on Foreign Alpine Plants, or such as are adapted to the decoration of rock-work, with the best soils for each denoted


British Plants cultivated for ornamental purposes

Miscellaneous Articles not mentioned under the foregoing heads

On extracting Sugar from Beet-root

On liquid Sugar made from Apple-juice

On the Urtica canadensis, or Canadian Hemp-plant

On the bleeding of Trees and obtaining Sap for the purposes of making
Wine and brewing Ale


Observations on the culture of grasses, and on saving seeds, &c.

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