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Grace Aguilar
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“Ah, could we perform our parts as you have yours, dearest mother, then indeed might we hope it,” exclaimed the Countess St. Eval and Mrs. Myrvin at the same moment, as they drew closer to their mother, the eyes of both glistening with emotion as they spoke.

“And if we do reap the happiness of which you spoke, to whom shall we owe it, mother?” demanded Percy, feelingly; for he too, attracted by his mother’s emotion, had joined the group.  “Whose care, under God’s blessing, has made us as we are, and taught us, not only by precept but example, how to conduct ourselves and our children? yours and my father’s; and if indeed in after years our children look up to us and bless us as we do you, oh, my mother, the remembrance of you will mingle with that blessedness, and render it yet purer.”

“Truly have you spoken, my son,” said Mr. Hamilton, whose little companions had about half an hour before been transported to their nursery.  “While sharing with your dear mother the happiness arising from your conduct, my children, often and often has the remembrance of my mother entered my heart to chasten and enhance those feelings.  Gratitude to her, reverence of her memory, have mingled with the present joy, and so will it be with you.  Your parents may have descended to the grave before your children can be to you what you have been to us, but we shall be remembered.  Long, long may you feel as you think on your mother, my beloved children, and teach your offspring to venerate her memory, that the path of the just is indeed as a shining light, which shineth more and more unto the perfect day.”


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